CVRC 77 1-29-20

Weather at 1p.m. cool, cloudy, minimal wind

Today’s pilots: “OFTFDTW”, Old Farts That Fly During The Week.

see Lonnie about joining up. 

Lonnie Hagadorn,  Bill Holder, Al Bleyenberg

I was “shamed” into coming today by Lonnie. HONEST!

Lonnie was very “dapper” in his “flying gear”. New thermal, stylish vest,

matching gloves, and ……..

He was flying his Mamba, very capable 3D plane, even with HIM.

Go Pro alive and well on his ball cap bill, filming and verbalizing (talking while 

he flew) (over and over and over).

He was doing quite well, landed, made transmitter adjustments, fine tuning.

Up, up, and away again, even better results. Now in my eyes, didn’t mean anything,

I couldn’t see the difference, but as long as Lonnie is happy, we’re all happy.

Bill, faithful companion, (sounds like Tonto and the Lone Ranger), was keeping an 

eye on the flights, commenting all the while. Favorably I must say.

Now it’s Bill’s turn, his weapon of choice is his Flex Innovations QQ Extra 300G2,

every takeoff was straight as an arrow down the runway, 20’ in the air, and a 

very nice “snap roll”, when I grow up, hope I can fly like him.

Landings were “almost” perfect. 50% on the runway, 50% on the grass, and

10% somewhere on the field.

As for me, I started with my Pulse XT15e, which is “a spirited sport plane that’s gentle enough 

for newer pilots yet capable enough for basic aerobatics”. (description off the internet)

Very straightforward takeoffs and landings. Only issues was that the tail wheel didn’t want

to co-operate. Turns out someone (nameless) didn’t fasten the setscrew that holds the 

tail wheel in place. So “taxiing” was a challenge. Of course, had to go to the internet to see 

where and how to secure it. Once done, whole new critter.

Lonnie and Bill were alternating flying, with Lonnie using his Precision Aerobatics “smaller”

Addiction. A joy to behold. The plane, not Lonnie.

I was going to bring out Goofy, but someone, me, forgot the 2 screws that hold the wing

to the fuselage. YOU CANT FIX STUPID.

So, I relegated to the Dancing Poke. It’s the foam version of a Lazy Bee. Even with 

increasing wind, little devil flew quite nice.

Even Lonnie and Bill were impressed, which says a lot.

Now the temp was going down and the winds were going up, 



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CVRC 76 1-28-20

Weather: down right loverly

Pilots: me

I’m fining myself 10 points for not notifying anyone (email) about going to fly today.

In my defense, didn’t know I was going until 8am this morning.

Ya’ll missed a great day. Got there around 9, a little coolish, but didn’t even need my 


Today, started with a P-38. It’s the one  that I got from Steve Tisi a while back. Me 

being me, I have painted it red top, and black bottom, and left the black/white WWII air force 

stripes on it.

I’ve flown this plane a few times before with reasonably good results. Even Jim Bates

liked flying it.

The last outing with the P-38 proved a little “bad”. Don Jerch and I were at the field. Don was

taking pics. He asked for a couple of slow fly byes, which I gladly did. 

THEN!, feeling my oats, flew to the 2 o’clock area over the big open field. Gotta try 

an inside loop. Made, it, looked really good. 

THEN! feeling a little too frisky, did an outside loop. Perfect execution, except, I didn’t

judge the tree height at the 12 o’clock position, almost had the loop made. Hit the tops of the 

trees about, 2’ from the top at wide open throttle. So, Don and I spend the next half hour 

picking up the pieces. Remains not pretty. And in the words of the Southern boys “ya can’t fix stupid”.

Spent a week put Humpty Dumpty back again.

Made a few “scale” takeoffs and landings (no proof) on the runway. YEAH ME.

A couple weeks ago, I was flying Goofy (Fun Cub), and for whatever reason, nose dived into

the ground WWWWAAAAAYYYYY past the big trees in front of the runway. These remains

weren’t pretty either.

Once again, (see a pattern here), took it home and “massaged” it back to flying condition.

This is now the 6th or 7th maiden for Goofy. Much to my delight, flew like a champ.

Many takeoffs from runway or grass, landings “all” on the runway. YEAH ME again.

And, Lonnie, even “harriered” the  thing.

Now it’s decision time, take Goofy up again, switch planes, or go home.

Home it is. Wasn’t feeling that frisky.

The rest of the week seems like decent flying weather. Hope to see someone out there.


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CVRC 75 1-26-20 Saturday

Weather: a little coolish

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Jim Bates, Lonnie Hagadorn, Dick Blackburn

The weather lately has been down right YUKKY. I’m assuming that’s was the reason the 

meager turnout.

Actually, flying was great until about 11:00 when the winds got a little too much.

I started out with a Parkzone Cub. Despite a few trimming issues and the unpredictable

winds, did ok.  Then, I brought out my Dancing Poke, it’s a foam Lazy Bee-ish plane. Same 

results as the Cub, AND!, didn’t crash either one.

Jim Bates was next to arrive. Bringing out his Voltigeur 3D plane was poetry in motion.

BAD news, Jim’s folding table that is in the second hangar was stolen. SCUM BAG not

Jim, but the thief.

Lonnie shows up, WHOOOPEEE.  He was using a 50” Cub that has been collecting dust in

his hangar for a while. SCALE-ish takeoff. Then the flight. Bucking bronco. The longer the 

flight, the more trimming, the better it got. Landed very nice. Then, Lonnie informs us that 

“it” flew really well the last time he flew it. UM, that was 2 years ago.

SO, something has changed. Anyway, he sits on the picnic table for about 15 minutes, 

beeping and booping. Next flight was “very well” behaved.

Dick flies this lime green top (or bottom, can’t tell) and fluorescent orange bottom, (or

is it the top???????????). Flinging and zinging this “wing” proves to be interesting.

Zooming by at a screaming 1,000 mph, makes a hard right, couple of barely noticeable

loops (I can’t see that fast). Next pass, is super ssssssssslllllllllllllllllooooooooowwww

A couple more laps and comes in for a perfect one point landing. Big grin on his face.

By 11, the winds said, no more for ya’ll. So we all begrudgingly made an exit to the 

home fires.


Hello fellows!

 Hate us working guys could not make it to the field on Friday but I did venture out Saturday to try out a few new planes I got ready, I have been dying to get to the field but vacations kinda got in the way!  Anyhow last time I came out I got there at 8:00am and no one showed up till 10-11. So this time I waited till about 10:30am so I unlocked the gate got setup and flew the first plane, it is a real cool plane that HobbyKing has been selling for quite a while it is a speedy plane with an option for a rocket motor to be put in the tail. Unfortunately it took off well and flew for about a minute then I lost signal, unfortunately I was doing one of those super high speed pass so it quite abruptly hit the ground and exploded into several smaller pc. Fortunately it did not hit any of the cows or cow paddy’s!  There is a before and after picture attached, sure wish Lonnie got video of that! As I was walking back from collecting the carnage Dick pulled in. Dick said our club president was supposed to be there but we looked everywhere and could not find him. There is a good chance he was there before us and lost an airplane in a tree a few miles down the road! Who knows it could happen! 

Dick said it was cold and was going where it was warmer, I agreed however I had one more new plane to try. It was an L-4 cub. It is a semi scale model it looks cool and flew well! It even made it back in one pc. I left since there was no other flying going on! Hope you guys have a great week!

The day started off with some light sprinkles, but since tomorrow looks like a washout, I went to the field around 9A. After a while, Don Jerch showed up with his brandy-new FT “cardboard” Storch, and she’s a beauty. Don painted it Desert Camo Tan with a sky blue undersides. Really nice, especially with ll the appropriate german markings.

A range check (this was to be the maiden flight) showed that something wasn’t quite right. At 30 yards and beyond, the low power signal was spotty. Anxious to fly however, Don decided to go up, but he’d keep it close, just in case.

The results can be seen in the video at:

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CVRC 74 1-17-20

Today at field: me

Don Jerch backed out for some trivial reason.

So, why didn’t ya’ll tell me that you can’t fly too good in 20mph winds.

I could take off fine, but making circles was more like ovals, big ones.

Altitude stayed at a constant 20’ to 200’, the left and right directions were a “tad” dicey.

So, what goes up must come down…………………….

Went home.


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CVRC 73 1-11-20

Today’s weather, YUKKY

Participants: Mark McClellan, Jim Bates, Bill McCain, Dick Blackburn,

Johnny Walker, we were “graced” with the presence of club royalty, 

Dave Putnam AND!  his grace Wayne Windsor. Wayne Huffman came 

out of the woodwork, literally. He came thru the woods on his “British

Phonebooth” looking golf cart. In absentia (too lazy to come out) Lonnie 

Hagadorn, informing me of his proxy vote to go “status quo”. Another

technical term for let sleeping dogs lie.

So, we held the meeting at Mark McClellan’s, much thanks Mark.

On Marks suggestion, we moved out to his pool “play house” (bar).

And no, no one had liquor, um, except me. I was “double dog” dared into

trying “apple cinnamon pie”. I like apple pie of any kind, especially with ice cream. 

My surprise was that it came in a cup. Hmmm. One teaspoon was enough.

Next, all I heard was a lot of yuk, yuks from the crowd.  Who says you can’t teach 

and old dog some new tricks. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Enough of that. Dick brought us up to speed on the past meeting, and finances. 

Next was the “new items”. This of course was the election of officers.

Before I could commence with the nominations, Mark blurted out to go

with the same as last year. Before I could say anything else, all hands were

in the air. Seconded, and carried. Sounds like a repeat of last year.


Actually, I wasn’t too surprised. 

I hope I can live up to “expectations”.

If you haven’t been out to the field lately, we’ve covered two sides of the 

main carport. added some flooring (more to come). Working on closing the ends

of the carport. This was done to block the wind. Both for pilot comfort and keeping the 

planes and equipment on the tables. Added a double size second storage cabinet.

Thoughts that were brought up for this coming year:

–  move the far side carport near to the “most used” carport. it would be separated

    by about 10’.  Just works out better for the fliers.

– leave the port a john were it is

– give the tractor shed a new coat of paint.

– do a clean up of the “stuff” in and around the tractor shed, and the “stuff” under the 

  far shed

– do a clean up in the tractor shed

– install shelving in the tractor shed

Volunteers are most welcome.

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CVRC 71 12-27-19

First all, hope you survived  the holidays. 

Today’s weather. Down right super. warm, low wind

Today’s members: “OFTFDTW”, Old Farts That Fly During The Week.

see Lonnie about joining up.

Johnny Walker, Jim Bates, Don Jerch, Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Bill Holder, Dick Blackburn

My 10 o’clock arrival time was late by an hour and a half, “stuff happens”. Johnny, Jim, and Don all “pointed out” my tardiness. hmmmm

Johnny was busy flying his ParkMaster Pro. Impressive plane, impressive pilot.

Jim had already put in a few flights with his Gran Tundra. 

Don brought his 3D “Hummer”, he got “brow beat” into getting one from some “new guy”. AND, he likes it.

I started with my “Hummer” and did better than expected. Next up was my Dancing Poke, a low wing, short coupled plane,

looks like a foam Speed Bee. Despite the incorrect settings with the plane. Got the plane into the air a couple

of times and didn’t wreck it. I asked Jim for some “technical” advice. Made some adjustments, and a whole new plane. 

I could take my hands of the controls and  it flew straight and true.

Don, the slime, took out his Dynam YELLOW Waco. He never told me, otherwise, I’d have brought my RED Waco and did a tandem fly by. 

Maybe tomorrow.

Jim took a few more shots with the Tundra, all went well until he “had” to land. Coming back to earth, he missed the “smooth” 

part of the grass, landing in the tall grass. Not a problem, except it came to an abrupt halt. Throttle up, elevator up. Nope, not moving. 

Once  back to the stations, turns out he had the misfortune in landing on the “only” remaining cow paddy within 10 miles. Um, a little 

exaggeration. actually, 5 miles. Good news, no “deposits” on the plane.

Lonnie is putting his 3D ???? (can’t remember) plane. Doing “exceptionally well”. Later, he brought out his Flitetest (cardboard) 540. 

Again, lots of great flying.

Dick had his Gran Tundra out also. At one point, a “hardish” landing must have shook up the rudder servo. Yup, stripped the gear. 

Did that stop Dick, NOPE, dusted it off, flew it a couple of ten more times. Has nothing to do with Dicks skills.

By now, I’d run out of ambition and batteries.


would love to see more guys out tomorrow.

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CVRC 70 12-21-19

Not being of sound mind and body: seems there are more than me.

Today’s pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Wayne Huffman (checking in), Lonnie

Hagadorn, Johnny Walker, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn.

As usual, I showed up way too early. The windsock was anywhere from

6 oclock to 9 oclock. Worse part is that it’s “water cold”. That kind 

of cold that just goes to your bones. And yes, I was dressed for the day.

Took a couple more slurps of my coffee. Looking at the windsock, and then

my watch, repeat, repeat. Decided to “head to the hangar”. As I’m loading

up, a truck pulls in. Wayne Huffman. He’s looking for Dick Blackburn.

So, we shoot the breeze for a while. Wayne in his heated truck, me standing

outside, duh huh. Once again, I’m ready to bail. A truck is coming down the laneway,

Lonnie Hagadorn, bummer, almost got away.

Lonnie nods to us and heads to the hangar, plane and all the fixins in hand.

Hmm, sounds like a turkey, His setup, not Lonnie, well……..

Wayne and I keep shooting the breeze about his Mickey Mouse Land trip.

By now, Lonnie is hot and heavy into flying his Edge 540, FliteTest (cardboard)

3D plane. Lonnie is ecstatic. He flew this plane yesterday and not too happy.

Went home and changed from a 10” prop to a 12” prop. Whole different rig.


Wayne heads to parts unknown and Johnny Walker shows up. JW hasn’t been

out for a while. Family commitments keep getting in the way.

His first plane out is his Park Master Pro, followed up with a frog green

Roc Hobby MX 3D plane. All kidding aside, JW can fly these things and is very impressive.

Next up, Jim Bates shows up “naked”, (no planes), get your minds out 

of the gutter. He’s hot and heavy in the “gab mode”, he’s been under the weather (house

arrest) for two weeks.

Lonnie was great in having Jim fly Lonnies FT 540. Jim, being old school is 

happier flying with no “auto pilot”. AND, Jim knows how to fly.

We are all is impressed.

Dick Blackburn shows up. Toboggan on head, rosy red cheeks. Told you it

is “fresh” outside. Dick brings out his Grand Tundra. This blue/white high wing, flies great.

Nothing to do with Dick’s flying skills.

First flight, takes off to the right, circles back to the left, then “mutters”

to himself, the plane is a little wobbly. Dick brings it back to the runway.

Plane lands, goes 10’, comes to a stop. Dick puts his transmitter down,

muttering all the time. Heads to his truck, gets his “flying” glasses.

BIG OLE SMILE. From then on, the Tundra flies amazingly.

As for me, I had shown up with my new Hobby King Wargo. This is 

the “signature” 3D plane that Mike Wargo (precision aerobatics Team

pilot) has designed. 

Nothing to do with Wargo’s plane, more my “build” of the plane.

Taking short cuts doesn’t pay off.  BUT, this plane isn’t playing well.

By now, it’s getting close to noon, I’ve got an appointment to go to.

Say my “hydy hoes” and leave.

So, what happened after I left, is unknown.

A couple of guys have paid their 2020 dues. YEAH!

So, gents, not pushing, but dues would be nice to have.


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CVRC 68 12-7-19

today’s weather more than coolish, clear, minimal winds at 9am.

today’s pilots, Lonnie Hagadorn, Dick Blackburn, Al Bleyenberg

on lookers, Alan Roberts, Johnny Walker, Mark McClellan, Wayne 

Huffman, Randall Hendrix, Dave Putnam, Bill McCain

I got a couple of flights in before the meeting. Alan Roberts showed

up and we got talking about “days gone by”. This was prompted by

me having a slideshow of pics from “glory days”. Thanks to Johnny

Walker for keeping the “archives” and passing them on to me.

everyone got a kick out of “reviewing” the past.

Dick Blackburn arrived to help diagnose my battery problem. Turns out

a leakage causes an odor of sweetness. Learn something new every day.

I called the meeting to order after having to “muzzle” Marc McClellan.

He was teaching all of us about his 4 axis milling machine that he has 

“massaged” into producing chess pieces. Very interesting as Sgt. Schultz,

from Hogan’s Heroes would say. The chessmen were beautiful. If you’re

interested, give Mark a call.

Dick read the past meetings minutes, seconds included. He gave us a financial 

report. Basically, we are ok, for now, but could use more members.

So, twist some peoples arms to join.

Dues for 2020 are welcome at any time.

Open floor time. Wayne Huffman has a request from the Hickory Science Center. 

The guy in charge is looking to setup a display of R/C planes. So, anyone willing to “loan”

a plane, let me know. Of course, something unique would be nice. I’ll try to have

the guy in charge contact me so see what he really needs, and, what space is available.

Once I know more, I’ll pass it on.

As per AMA rules, we should have an election for the 2020 season. Anyone interested in

holding an office position please let me and Dick know. We will decide what to do at the 

next meeting. if weather permits, we’ll try in Jan. 

As for that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and above all, be safe.

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Cow Patty Update (MOOOO)

Gentlemen, the cows have landed again,

Spoke to Tim the farmer, he has a new electric fence system coming next week to help solve the problem. Film at eleven

He’s very apologetic about the situation.

So, I cleaned up some droppings, surveyed the fence line at the left end of the field, and saw a couple of oopsies in the fence itself.

So, me being me, (tough job), started doing some repair and additional fence posts to take up the slack areas where the “boys” are getting out.

Tim arrives, again, apologetic about the situation.

So, we spend some time doing some “fixin”.

He is going to get some more posts and insulators to fix the “holes” that need plugging.

As of right now, tomorrow after lunch we are going to “plug”.

Please be patient.

Tim has mentioned that the gate has been open a few times.

I don’t think it’s any of our members leaving it unlocked, but please be sure to lock up when you leave.

As for flying, don’t think anything happened Sat and today, I got half a battery worth of flight time with the Hummer.

It’s like trying to fly a leaf in the air. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WINDY, DUH HUH

Headed for the home hangar.

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CVRC 42 Sat 11-9-19

Today’s report is brought to you by Elvis Presley’s 


The FOOLS are the four people that showed up today in the “fresh” conditons.

First word that comes to mind “KOOOOOOOOOOLLL”. Watching the weather channel, 

informed me that it was going to be below freezing till about 10a.m. 


That being said, my wife Darlene decided to accompany me to the field.

The irony is that today is her birthday, and, coming to the field was her idea.

Get to the gate, unlock the gate, get back into the car, drive around the corner

to the field, and stop immediately. The whole field has been “invaded” by a herd 

of Tim the Farmers cattle. Now, my Cutlass is not exactly what you call “cow poke”

material. Besides, these critters are all over the field. Logically, I call Tim.

He’s there in a minute flat. To my amazement, he drives his truck just past the main

part of the herd and turns around, the heard follows him to the pasture, they must have 

thought it was “brunch time”.  Just because I can, I corral the “stragglers” to the same field.

Once it’s all done, Tim comes over and is extremely apologetic. Not a prob, he even helps

clean up the ………..

He makes a tour of the fencing, and turns out, that the man gate on the far left of the 

field had been left open. Nearest we can figure is that some of the County Home kids

went thru to go to the creek and never closed it back up.

Cleaning up the last of the ……………, Lonnie Hagadorn arrives. I offered him the second shovel

so he could help, but politely declined. 

So we now start the task at hand, having PHUN!. 

I start out with the kitchen table Hummer. Getting better at this 3D stuff. Nowhere near Jim

Bates skill, but I’m trying.

Lonnie starts out with his Performance Aerobatic “Addiction”. This is a “purty” plane.

Full on 3D and balsa. And, Lonnie does really well with it.

I come in for battery number 2 and Bill Holder arrives. Now, Bill has been “absent” due to 

health issues from back in the HOT! weather days. A gazillion tests for 

heart/lung/body problems proved futile. On his own, he “googled” the symtoms and turns 

out it was mold in his house heating system.  Got all that replaced and he back on the mend.

Bill actually flew 2 different 3D planes (forgot the names).  Amazingly, put on quite a show.

I brought out my Eflite PT-17 that I had been working on. As per usual, “Lonnie” wants to

record the event. For me, this is never good. Something bad always happens, and true to

form it did. Taxing on the runway was “interesting”. Back in the hangar, pulled the hatch.

The control rods, when actuated, were bending a lot more than they should. Didn’t have 

anything with me to remedy. Back to the trailer.

Lonnie now has his Multiplex Parkmaster Pro on the ready. Lonnie has been practicing.

Very nice precise flying. And entertaining.

Not to be out done, I bring out Goofy. The FunCub that had been in a tree for a month.

It’s first outing since the “recovery”. Didn’t disappoint. Still looks good in the air despite

some “injuries”.

Then the cavalry arrives, Randall Hendrix. Just “checkin ya’ll’s progress”. Half an hour of 

chin wagging with everyone, and poof, he’s gone back to get some heat.

Setting the precedent, Darlene and I decide to find some heat also. We be gone.

So, fun was had, a lot of yuk yuks, a lot of good flying, COMMA BUT, still cold.


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