Cow Patty Update (MOOOO)

Gentlemen, the cows have landed again,

Spoke to Tim the farmer, he has a new electric fence system coming next week to help solve the problem. Film at eleven

He’s very apologetic about the situation.

So, I cleaned up some droppings, surveyed the fence line at the left end of the field, and saw a couple of oopsies in the fence itself.

So, me being me, (tough job), started doing some repair and additional fence posts to take up the slack areas where the “boys” are getting out.

Tim arrives, again, apologetic about the situation.

So, we spend some time doing some “fixin”.

He is going to get some more posts and insulators to fix the “holes” that need plugging.

As of right now, tomorrow after lunch we are going to “plug”.

Please be patient.

Tim has mentioned that the gate has been open a few times.

I don’t think it’s any of our members leaving it unlocked, but please be sure to lock up when you leave.

As for flying, don’t think anything happened Sat and today, I got half a battery worth of flight time with the Hummer.

It’s like trying to fly a leaf in the air. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WINDY, DUH HUH

Headed for the home hangar.

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