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Come by and enjoy yourself whether you’re experienced a newbie or just curios. We would love to show you around our field and the benefits of our club.

The Catawba valley Radio Controllers Club, better known as the CVR / Cers, is a non-profit organization that was formed to elevate the sport of aeromodelling in the Catawba Valley area.

The history of the club dates back to the early 1980’s.  Hobby shop owner and aeromodeler Bob Bollinger, of Newton, gathered a group of fellow R/C enthusiasts to fly models in his mother’s back yard.  As their interest progressed to larger flying fields, some of the flyers joined an official club, the Prop Twisters.  At some unrecorded time, these members formed a new club, the Western Piedmont Aeromodelers.  This club soon became the Catawba Valley Radio Controllers Club (CVR / Cers) and obtain their first AMA charter in February of 1990.

Not only do the CVR / Cers enjoy the thrill of launching their models into the air and vicariously soaring like birds, they relish the social aspect of the gathering. Club members take pride in bringing others to the field, teaching the art of model building and their flying skills, especially the younger generations.

Come fly with us!

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