CVRC 77 1-29-20

Weather at 1p.m. cool, cloudy, minimal wind

Today’s pilots: “OFTFDTW”, Old Farts That Fly During The Week.

see Lonnie about joining up. 

Lonnie Hagadorn,  Bill Holder, Al Bleyenberg

I was “shamed” into coming today by Lonnie. HONEST!

Lonnie was very “dapper” in his “flying gear”. New thermal, stylish vest,

matching gloves, and ……..

He was flying his Mamba, very capable 3D plane, even with HIM.

Go Pro alive and well on his ball cap bill, filming and verbalizing (talking while 

he flew) (over and over and over).

He was doing quite well, landed, made transmitter adjustments, fine tuning.

Up, up, and away again, even better results. Now in my eyes, didn’t mean anything,

I couldn’t see the difference, but as long as Lonnie is happy, we’re all happy.

Bill, faithful companion, (sounds like Tonto and the Lone Ranger), was keeping an 

eye on the flights, commenting all the while. Favorably I must say.

Now it’s Bill’s turn, his weapon of choice is his Flex Innovations QQ Extra 300G2,

every takeoff was straight as an arrow down the runway, 20’ in the air, and a 

very nice “snap roll”, when I grow up, hope I can fly like him.

Landings were “almost” perfect. 50% on the runway, 50% on the grass, and

10% somewhere on the field.

As for me, I started with my Pulse XT15e, which is “a spirited sport plane that’s gentle enough 

for newer pilots yet capable enough for basic aerobatics”. (description off the internet)

Very straightforward takeoffs and landings. Only issues was that the tail wheel didn’t want

to co-operate. Turns out someone (nameless) didn’t fasten the setscrew that holds the 

tail wheel in place. So “taxiing” was a challenge. Of course, had to go to the internet to see 

where and how to secure it. Once done, whole new critter.

Lonnie and Bill were alternating flying, with Lonnie using his Precision Aerobatics “smaller”

Addiction. A joy to behold. The plane, not Lonnie.

I was going to bring out Goofy, but someone, me, forgot the 2 screws that hold the wing

to the fuselage. YOU CANT FIX STUPID.

So, I relegated to the Dancing Poke. It’s the foam version of a Lazy Bee. Even with 

increasing wind, little devil flew quite nice.

Even Lonnie and Bill were impressed, which says a lot.

Now the temp was going down and the winds were going up, 



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