CVRC 76 1-28-20

Weather: down right loverly

Pilots: me

I’m fining myself 10 points for not notifying anyone (email) about going to fly today.

In my defense, didn’t know I was going until 8am this morning.

Ya’ll missed a great day. Got there around 9, a little coolish, but didn’t even need my 


Today, started with a P-38. It’s the one  that I got from Steve Tisi a while back. Me 

being me, I have painted it red top, and black bottom, and left the black/white WWII air force 

stripes on it.

I’ve flown this plane a few times before with reasonably good results. Even Jim Bates

liked flying it.

The last outing with the P-38 proved a little “bad”. Don Jerch and I were at the field. Don was

taking pics. He asked for a couple of slow fly byes, which I gladly did. 

THEN!, feeling my oats, flew to the 2 o’clock area over the big open field. Gotta try 

an inside loop. Made, it, looked really good. 

THEN! feeling a little too frisky, did an outside loop. Perfect execution, except, I didn’t

judge the tree height at the 12 o’clock position, almost had the loop made. Hit the tops of the 

trees about, 2’ from the top at wide open throttle. So, Don and I spend the next half hour 

picking up the pieces. Remains not pretty. And in the words of the Southern boys “ya can’t fix stupid”.

Spent a week put Humpty Dumpty back again.

Made a few “scale” takeoffs and landings (no proof) on the runway. YEAH ME.

A couple weeks ago, I was flying Goofy (Fun Cub), and for whatever reason, nose dived into

the ground WWWWAAAAAYYYYY past the big trees in front of the runway. These remains

weren’t pretty either.

Once again, (see a pattern here), took it home and “massaged” it back to flying condition.

This is now the 6th or 7th maiden for Goofy. Much to my delight, flew like a champ.

Many takeoffs from runway or grass, landings “all” on the runway. YEAH ME again.

And, Lonnie, even “harriered” the  thing.

Now it’s decision time, take Goofy up again, switch planes, or go home.

Home it is. Wasn’t feeling that frisky.

The rest of the week seems like decent flying weather. Hope to see someone out there.


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