to become a member of the CVR/Cer’s, you must be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Read why here. An application and full details about becoming an AMA member can be found at the AMA website (

The CVR/Cers dues are currently $125.00 (Adult) and $10 (Youth).   These dues are used to cover the leased land we use for our flying field and maintenance of our flying field.

Club equipment and other expenses are covered by the dues from the memberships and through club flying events.  At times the club dues may also be used for various charitable donations.

Fly with CVCR

You do not need to own a model plane to become a member, but it will not be too long after your first visit to the field, that you are ready to start flying.  The club owns a trainer plane that may be used to learn to fly.  Club members enjoy teaching others,  and are also eager to help with model building.

Membership in the CVR/C Club has numerous benefits;

  • provides a positive direction for all involved,
  • creates a social environment that brings together flyers of all ages and backgrounds,
  • hones dexterity skills,
  • fosters creativity and
  • is a recreation outlet for those sharing the same interests in model aircraft.

Perhaps the greatest asset that comes from this organization is their desire to give back to the community.  Your membership is a great way to be of service to neighbors and friends.

Looking for a new way to socialize, or for a worthy hobby to share with your children?

If you possess a love for flight, piloting or modeling, perhaps you should look into the CVR/Cer’s and explore aeromodeling.

It may be one of the best kept recreational secrets in the Catawba County area.