CVRC 91 5-3-20

Went to the field this a.m.

One, my wife was up till 2a.m. for a work release, and two, I needed to test more of the “fleet”. Specifically, the Corsair. 

With no one else around, no witnesses!!!, I tip toed over the runway. Taxied the thing from right to left. Alllllll the way down to the far end of the runway, spun  it around. Obligatory control surfaces, take a humongous deep breath.

Gingerly (tech term), throttle up, gain some speed, straight down the runway, slowly starts to climb, a little right rudder and some right aileron, more speed, (more powerrrrr Scotty, but Capt. that’s all she’s got) (corny, I know).

Next thing I know, it’s climbing straight and true. Make a bunch of laps around  the field, minimal trim, I’m amazed. Now the landing. YUCH.

From left to right, descending on a gentle glide, slowing down, touch down on  the runway (lightning is going to strike, I know it). Slows down, but screws to  the left, ends up on the grass, noses over. 


Because no one was there, I did a little JIG. Take the Corsair back to the hangar.  I don’t want to JINX the moment. So, out comes the PT-17.  As I get to the runway, do my checks, catch a glimpse of a car coming in.

Hmm, someone else looking for some Sunday fun.  Alan Moe.

Once the PT-17 has done the best it can with me at the controls, I head back  to the hangar. 

Al is once again, doing the “GNAT” thing. Said it before, and gonna say it again, it’s down right cute. And he flies it like being in a Barnum Bailey Three Ring Circus. Watching Al doing his finest, THREE, TWO, ONE,  a trio of vehicles are  coming down the lane. 

Is there a sign at the road that says “free coffee and donuts”?

Jim Bates, Lonnie Hagadorn, and Johnny Walker.

I’m totally shocked, amazed, and gladdened. On a Sunday, we have a turnout of fliers.

Johnny is using his RocHobby MX3. 

Lonnie is using his latest 3D foamie, matter of fact, at one point, they are  doing takeoffs in unison and flying in unison. MUST BE A FULL MOON!

Jim has returned with his T-28, PT-19, and Avios RC Groups Extra 330LX.

But, today, he’s remembered the correct transmitters to fly them all.

Much anticipated, he starts with his PT-19. We all stand at the ready to  observe. Controls checked, speed built up, and raises up. Then, for what ever  reason, it decides nose over to the right, and a not to gratious landing.

Minimal injuries except for Jim’s pride. Seems the CG didn’t want to play well.

While some of us retire to the “lawn chair” brigade, Al is firing up his 

HUMONGOUS copter. For the next 10 minutes, he puts on a quality air show.

Johnny, has once again, leaving for that work thing at home. 

Jim and I end up doing a duo T-28, follow the leader. Jim seems to not like my

round circles instead of square. Jim, I’m doing my best, Actually, it works out 

quite nicely. 

Lonnie is back in the air with his 3D, and offers it to Jim to fly. Seems Jim likes 

it and may want one also.

By now, I’ve taken off my long sleeve shirt and put on sunscreen, Lonnie has 

taken off his sweat shirt, Al is down to his T-shirt, Jim’s in his T-shirt and wide 

brimmed hat. IT’S WARMISH

Time to bail for me, work at home calls. Besides, wifey has finally gotten up.


no pics from me today, but Lonnie has as usual. 

he’ll post when he gets up from his nap

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CVRC 87 4-4-20


Weather: darn right nice

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Johnny Walker, Steve Tisi  (yeah, remember him)

Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Randall Hendrix, Alan Roberts

As usual, I showed up early, just to fly without being filmed. Sorry Lonnie, I’m shy. Brought out the “slime green” Flitetest Cruiser, for the 6th “maiden” flight. Spent a coupleof days “massaging” it back to some semblance of condition. Everything straight, lined up, balanced, CG ed.

Scale takeoff lasted for about 20 seconds. With a lot of “English”, the thing still went vertical, wafting left and right, then curl left over and down. Funeral services will be  later. If there wasn’t a burn ban, it would be a  “funeral pyre”.

Johnny Walker calmly brings out his MX3 “slime green” Rock Hobby 3D plane. Scale  takeoff, multiple aerobatic maneuvers, perfect landing. 

Lonnie Hagadorn has arrived to do the “video” thing. He starts out with a Twisted

Hobbies 3D plane. It is  Q U I E T!!!!!, then the swoopy stuff, back and forth, many  maneuvers, and superb landing.

Steve Tisi, is gracing us with his presence. He meticulously put together a FliteTest Cub. Drab green, with WW2 striping. First flight was a little “iffy” that’s a technical term. A couple of adjustments, and Steve’s a happy camper.

Bates is now with us, and brings out his 3D RC Groups themed plane. Never saw  him fly it. But, he did fly his Avios Grand Tundra. Once again, he makes it look like an effortless flight. 

Dick Blackburn is now with us. He brought out a “relic”. A 30 year old Goldberg Cub with  a Saito 60. 

Once again, like last weekend, his plane had this “lump” sticking out the nose of the plane.  But this one was a little different. Instead a flat head on it, it has these two “lumps” on the  top of the motor. Hmmm, must be something new and improved. As per usual, Dick brings out the fuselage and puts it on the plane stand, goes back to the truck to get the wings, then back to get all the “fixins” to make it go. Hmmm, now he’s got  that “look” as he heads back to his truck. After a 5 minute search, he hollars out to see if anyone has an “ignitor”. It’s not nice that we all “chuckled”. Then you could see the look on his face, “light bulb”. He goes to the back seat of the truck, out comes this little gray box, and shazam, and ignitor.

Once all is set, the music of the four stroke fills the air. Silence by everyone else. We are all in awe. Scale take off, then puts the Cub thru it’s paces. Nice landing until it noses over just enough to stop the motor. WALK OF SHAME.

Don’t worry Dick, we’re all “jealous”.

In frustration, I drug out the Parkzone T-28, and as per usual, this thing flies itself. After that, I bring out Goofy, and have “phun”.  I get home and get a text from Billy West, he didn’t show today because he couldn’t find his charger for his transmitter. Now if I’ve heard that excuse once, I’ve heard it a thousand  times. now, everyone is “tailgating” and curing the world’s problems.

Too much phun for me, so I head to the house for the “second” shift.


If I’ve forgotten anyone or anything, too bad.

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CVRC 86 2-28-20

Today’s weather: Loverly

Today’s pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Al Roberts, Dick Blackburn, Steve Tisi, Jim Bates, Billy West, newest guy Richard Thomas, and bringing up his rear Randall Hendrix (cudos for get fuel for the tractors)
Despite the Corvid 19, we had a decent turnout. Amazingly, everyone kept their distances from each other. CONGRATS TO ALL.

I  started out, before anyone could see, with the Slime Green Flitetest (cardboard) Cruiser. Yesterday I had made a few more “tweaks” and the thing flew decent. Up twice, down twice, all in one piece. That’s except for almost hitting Don Jerch, but that don’t count. Oopsy on the landing. Took it home, added a tail wheel (major improvement on the runway), and balanced from wing to wing. So, this time, scale ish take off. Decent in the air flying, a little aileron twitch, but  manageable. On the left to right landing, thing went vertical, then spiraled right into the  ground nose first. Scratch that one for the day.

Next was the foam Dancing Poke. (kind of a Lazy Bee). Once again, nice scale take off, did a few laps, brought it home. While no one was still there, (the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of these events). I took up my Eflite Commander. Nice flying plane. Nuff said. By now the fun was got spoiled when Lonnie showed up. Starts out with his Multiplex 

Park Pro 3D plane. This thing flies itself, and looks super in the air. And YES, Lonnie is ball cap  videoing everything.

Al Roberts starts out with a Twisted Hobby 3D plane that he wrings the living snot out of.

Dick Blackburn has arrived, let the bells ring and the bands play. Out of the corner of my 

eye I see he’s unloading a largish balsa plane with this “lump” hanging from the underside

of the nose. A NITRO MOTOR. What is this club coming to?

Dick proceeds to get the plane ready, takes it over to a plane stand. He goes back to the truck, and stops dead in his tracks. Arms to his hips, shake of the head in disgust. For some reason, this thing don’t fly well without it’s wings. So, with a lot of prodding from the peanut gallery, Dick goes home to get the wings. And, we were all glad he did. See Lonnie’s video. Can’t beat a nitro in the air for looks.

Steve Tisi (remember him) starts out with his Valiant. Of course, it’s the only plane he  with him. Now, according to Steve, he’s a little “rusty” in the flying department. Between other “commitments” and his new job at Hobby Town, Mooresville, his flying time has suffered. As for the “rusty” bit, he’s full of s…….  Plane goes around the field like no bodies business. 

Jim Bates has started with his Voltigeur. Another superior 3D rig, and as usual, Jim puts it  thru its paces.

Al Roberts tries his hand with his Tundra, and as with his 3D plane, shows off his flying  skills. 

As I’m sitting there, having my 4th cup of coffee, a “new to me” vehicle pulls in. A guy walks around the corner with the “deer in the headlights” look on his face. It’s Robert Thomas, our newest member. Not wanting to say anything bad about the guy, BUT, he starts out the  conversation about flying years ago, just got back into the hobby with a foamy. He found out about us from a “Wanted Poster” in the Post Office.  As for the “rusty” flying party, he  is full of it.

He flies better than me.

I made all the introductions, and a test will be given to him to remember all our names next  time. Thankfully, everyone made him welcome, despite the “distance, no hand shaking  thing”.

Who’s next, oh yeah, him. Billy West. Billy will be holding classes on safe battery charging  next  week. Sign up soon.

First up for Billy is his Flite Test “olive green” WW2 themed Cub. It’s the scouting plane used back then. Of course, Billy has little trouble making it look better than what it originally was designed for, “until” the landing. It “did” “passed tense” have landing gear.

His WW2 Japanese themed Rocket Glider from that time frame. Scalish takeoff, 100mph on take off is “scale”. From that point on, blink, and you’ve lost sight of it. A dazzling array of piloting skills, UNTIL, the hatch comes off, the battery falls out.

Now it’s a Kamikaze plane that does a perfect 90 degree nose dive into the field in  front of the runway. It now has a “detached” wing and what used to be about a plane that is  20” long is now 16” long. Can you say, CA?

Lonnie has “graduated” to one of his “fleet” of Performance Aerobatic, Balsa planes.

These things are too pretty to fly, but, Lonnie does and an excellent job of it.

Dick has now gotten the Nitro plane in the air, dead silence from all the spectators, as  we just watch and enjoy. Check out Lonnie’s videos.

I bring out the “go to plane” the Parkzone T-28. Thing flies itself. I hate tricycle landing  gear. So, feeling guilty, I bring out the “original” go to plane. The Multiplex Fun Cub (Goofy). As per usual, it does everything you want it to.  I barely notice it, but Billy tossed one of his “wing” planes into the air for a brilliant show of aerobatics. I hear the Zing of the motor screaming, goes about 20’ and nose dives into the grass. Billy, you’re my hero.

Don’t know what happened, but second toss, it did the usual screaming around  the field. By now, it’s getting WARM, Steve Tisi has left because he forgot to wear shorts, and Lonnie  packed it in, I’m heading for the house also. Billy is two steps ahead of me,  seems he’s run out of batteries. He lost a “few” in his house fire.

Al Roberts follows me out the laneway. The rest of the boys were left to their own devices. 

Basically, ya’ll missed a good day at the field. For the next “while”, we all need to be careful of our surroundings. 

Be safe, follow directions. See you soon.


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CVRC March 16 2020

Well!, today I planned on going to the field and with Dick Blackburn, do some “hangar” work.

The agreed upon time was 9, so when I showed up at 8:45 the gate was already open.

Wow, Dick is an early riser. 

Making the left hand turn towards the field, there’s a plane in the air, and it’s a biggun.

Once I get to the hangar, I realize the early bird pilots are Kevin and Jason S. (don’t ask me to pronounce the last name)

They joined yesterday, and shazam, their flying. 

Did the usual hidie hos, and carried on to “work”.

Dick shows up and we do “stuff”. 

Around 11:30, Dick is off for a lunch date. 

So, there I am, all alone, by myself. (any tears out there………………..)

About 1, Lonnie Hagadorn and Bill Holder arrived with planes in tow. 

Both had 3D ish planes and flew their brains out.

We all left around 2;30. Phun was had.

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CVRC 84 2-14-20

Today’s weather: actually nice for a change. A little coolish, but comfy, minimal wind

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Dick Blackburn, Jim Bates, and oh yeah, Randall Hendrix, the 

“usual gang of …..” were not coming. other commitments.

Had to break down and do the first cut of the grass for the year. WHOOPEE

Dick arrives. He starts out with a 1970ish Free Flite glider that he

converted to electric RC. I kept looking at it and was impressed with the styling.

But it wasn’t till after 15 minutes of searching the ole memory banks and realized 

what it reminded me of. And that was the Star Trek Enterprise. From the side, the 

front portion of the fuselage was connected just below the wing by about a 4” drop

that is slanted and then connected to the rear portion of the fuselage. That’s what

gave the Enterprise look.

The fuselage was a 2”x2” square that originally was about 8” from the front edge of the 

wing to the motor mount. From the back of the wing edge, the square went to the 

tail assembly. the wings are transparent RED, with transparent YELLOW wing tips.

Elevator was the same RED, and rudder was 50/50 of RED and YELLOW.

The original 8” nose has been added to by about 8” twice. To add to the color

scheme, the fuselage is mahogany colored stain. Sounds weird, but Dick pulled

it off.

By now, Jim Bates has arrived and so has Randall Hendrix. 

Dick takes the glider to the runway, gives it a toss into the wind. Plane goes 

about 20’ and nose dives to the ground. SILENCE.

We all pick up the pieces, 2, wing and fuselage. Jim asked if Dick had made sure

that the elevator was up/down on the stick. Dick said that he had checked it at home 

the day before.

Once the post mortem was performed, turns out Jim was right. Up was down and down

was up. Dick checked the transmitter. The Futaba was set on the wrong plane. For some

reason, a Futaba will still operate the motor, even if on the wrong plane.

Learnt something today.

Jim takes out his 3D Wargo, and as usual puts it thru its paces. Beauty in motion when in 

the hands of someone who knows how to fly.

I finally bring out my Flitetest Cruiser for a re-re-re-maiden. Once in the air, it’s a 

bucking bronco. Sounds familiar. I ask Jim to take over and he “wrestles” it to the ground.

All in once piece, yeah.

Back to the drawing board. 

By now the winds were picking up. The boys were discussing “world events”. I had enough

“phun” for the day. 

Head to the house, leaving the boys to solve the worlds problems.


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March 4 2020

Don Jerch and I flew this morning, under some really nice conditions. Cloudy, but in the mid-fifties with very low winds. Don brought his Valiant, along with a new Chinese “Prime” 3D model, successor to a model that he and Al both own. He flew it very well, but it got squirrely a few times and ended up with a broken prop. I had my PA Addiction V2 with me, plus a newly repaired Sukhoi that I have crashed and rebuilt about 3-1/2 times (so far). It’s a mixture of gen 1 (green) and gen 2 (Blue) parts, which I think is really ugly, but I love the shape of the Sukhois and hate to quit on this one. It flew well enough, but you really have to pay attention at all times! The Addiction on the other hand, nearly flies itself. Probably the best tuned plane I own.
Here are stills, video to follow:

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CVRC 83 2-29-20

Sung to Ricky Nelson’s “Fools Rush In”

That’s what today was. 

Kold with a capital “kay”

Windy with a capital “wobble you”

I was pulling into the field’s driveway and Lonnie’s calling. He wanted to know if I was going

to the field. Informed him I was there and it’s cold windy. Said he’d probably be there in 

an hour anyway. 

Getting to the hangar, texted a few guys to let them choose for themselves about coming because of the weather. 

Billy said “what the hey”, I’m loaded (SUV) and I’m coming.

I proceeded to do some hangar repair. Billy pulls in and sets up shop. Heater, transmitter, 

batteries, and planessssssssssssssss. Right after that, Lonnie pulls in.

First up is his Cessna with the “belly” speaker. Watch the vid. If there is no other visual 

reference, you’d swear it’s a real plane. Looks and sound.

A couple of months back, he purchased a 62” B-17 foamie. After some “maintenance”, he

finally is going to maiden it in this gale.

The B-17 looks really good, check out Lonnie’s pics. The sound of 4 motors is like candy to the 

ears. I guess that’s if you want candy in your ears.

Lonnie does the video thing and Billy does the flying. Plane looks really good in the air.

As good a pilot as Billy is, he had his hands full because of the winds. Now comes the

what goes up, must come down. In true Billy fashion, he settles it smoothly onto the 

runway and coasts to a stop. Grins all around.

Out comes his “gyrocopter”.  A little too daring, before it could clear the runway, wind 

smacked it down and broke the big prop. Next.

Just to fill in some blanks, after every flight, he’s back in front of his heater to get his hands

warm again.

Silly grin on his face, oh,oh. Out comes his Avios Albatross HU-16 Flying Boat. As usual,

Billy puts it thru its paces. 

And, by now, we’re all frozen, and Billy is ready to get his fleet “safely” home in one


Here’s hoping the weather makes a turn around soon. Course, I “is” February.


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CVRC 82 2-22-20

Weather: MAJOR FRESH, minimal winds, but picked up the closer to noon.

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Billy West,

Alan Roberts, Johnny Walker

I got there “latish” for me, and SHAZAM, I was still the first one there. Policed

the area for “cow” reminders, stuff picks up a lot easier when it’s frozen.

By the time I was finished, Lonnie arrives. Oh, be still my beating heart.

I started out with an Eflite Bravo (crop duster). This has been a problem child since

I got it. Last week, Jim Bates was kind enough to “tweak” it. So, this morning, I was 

a little “tense” about taking it to the air. The bad luck instigator (Lonnie), made sure

I didn’t take off until he was ready to film the event. Luckily, got it in the air, made a 

few “strange” laps of the field. The rascal wanted to go left and down, major trimming

helped, but still took a lot of “English” to get it back to the ground. Made some “tweaks”

with the ailerons, and into the air again. Much better, but by the 3rd lap, it started to roll

left and down again. Babied it to the ground again. Once back to the hangar, turns out

the wings were separating from the fuselage. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like that’s good.

Lonnie starts out with a Mini Tundra. It’s “cayute”. With all the electronics available, 

Lonnie flies it quite nicely.

Next is his Multiplex Fun Racer. It looks like a “sleek” P-51, with a fluorescent orange

top and white bottom and goes like stink.

Multiple electronics to help the flying, Lonnie gives the control to Jim, who has graciously

agreed to re-maiden it. Billy West had maidened it last time. Even with Billy’s skill it was

a bit “skittish”. Jim did quite well, going thru all the switch settings, and got it back to the


I brought out my Eflite Commander to stretch its legs. The wind had picked up a bit, 

but the Commander is a little heavier, so, the wind wasn’t a big concern. A couple of batteries 

of fuel, and it’s back on the ground.

Dick Blackburn starts out with his “freshly built” wing. It’s so fresh, the paint is still

not dry. Jim throws it into the air and Dick zooms it around the field. Dick seems to like

the delta wings.

Billy West has shown up, woo hoo. He drags out his green/white Avios Grand Tundra.

It hasn’t seen the field in over 6 weeks. Last outing, Jim and Dick told Billy that it had too

big a prop for the ESC to handle. Typical Billy, he shrugged his shoulders and continued to

over do it. Five, four, three, two, one, poof. He smoked the ESC. Jim and Dick just grinned.

Turns out he had smoked the ESC and the motor. It has taken him all this time to find 

a replacement motor.  He ends up finding a “suitable” motor, and 100A ESC.

After much “prodding”, Billy agrees to take an AMP check. At WOT,  it drew 80A.

Billy was happy. For the next 20 odd or even minutes, he’s flying the Tundra. As usual,

he’s putting it thru its paces. After his flight, he heads to the hangar where Jim had

put his heater. Billy warmed  up his hands and then announced he was going to get a

“toboggan” to protect his ears 

Jim Bates has brought out his 3D Wargo. It does amazing things as a 3D with Jim at the controls. 

On his second outing, the landing didn’t go as  planned. At a height of 3’, the 

Wargo, made the ground, and broke into two pieces. Not happy.

Billy has now brought out his FMS A-10. His first A-10 didn’t have a happy ending.

After a long flight, it literally “smoked” itself to death, crashed, and the cremation was

held at the field. A couple of weeks later, my wife Darlene and I were at Anderson

Hobby and hanging from the ceiling was another A-10. I gave Billy a call, and he said

buy it. Today, he finally took it to the air. Everyone was amazed about how well

it flew, even more, Billy was impressed. His comment was that this “new” one flew a

lot  better than the “original” one.

Jim has brought out his Convergance. It’s a delta wing with harrier capabilities.

Take off is vertical, then the  motors turn 90 degrees down and fly like a plane.

At one point, it was flying in a flat circle. Looked cool.

Johnny Walker was “showing off” with his FMS Rochobby MXS. It’s in 

very noticeable, slime green. Sorry Johnny!

Once again, it’s nearing noon, the winds are up, some of us are getting

“spent”. I bail first, Jim and Dick a close second, Lonnie bring up the  rear.


fun was had by all


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CVRC 81 2-16-20

Weather: reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaal coooooolish, breeeeeezy

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Al Roberts, Jim Bates, Lonnie Hagadorn, Randall Hendrix

AND! an extremely(not fashionably) late Billy West

On the weirdo meter scale, today was a definite 8.5.

I got there around 9, just because. Spent some time doing yard work.

Around 10, still no one, so I decided to head home, too cool, too windy. Just before getting 

into the car, Al Roberts shows up and starts to impart his “wisdom” about “stuff”, always


Jim Bates pulls in and starts to unload his SUV.  Jim has brought his propane heater.

One thing led to another and we started “jury rigging” a tarp on the right side of the hangar.

Amazing was cutting off the wind and a little heat will do to keep the “ole bones” warm.

The only thing we didn’t have was cheese and crackers and peanuts in the shell.

Jim starts out with his 3D Wargo. He’s done some “tweaking” and flies it like a champ.

Lonnie is next to grace us with his presence. His first choice is a PRISTINE, NEW, BRAND

NEW LEATHER SMELLING INTERIOR, Parkzone T-28. You could eat off this thing. Even the lime 

green markings on the underside of the wings, looks tasty. With up and down, more than

the “advertised” 6mph winds, Lonnie puts on a great show.

As usual, I have a “fixer upper” Eflite Pawnee with me. Jim graciously agrees to re-maiden

it for me. The next 20 minutes weren’t pretty. Jim had to wrestle this thing back to the  

ground after it got airborne. Four plane tweaks later, it flies relatively “normal”. Time to 

retire that for the day. Jim was breathing easier too.

It’s 11 ish and I’m ready to head to the house. Get a text message from Billy, he’s on

his way. Oh, be still my beating heart!!! Just to keep him from “crying”, I hang around. Don’t 

read anything “weird” into that.

Lonnie’s video speaks volumes about what Billy started with. A Cessna 182. HO HUM

BUT!, he’s installed a 3” speaker in the underside of the fuselage, and obviously a sound

system on the inside. This thing sounds like the real thing. Looking at the video, you can’t tell 

NEXT up is his Japanese version of the German WW2 Komet. It’s the one he crashed a few 

weeks back when no one was there to witness. The only reason he put it back together is that 

I had found the lost “drop off” landing gear.

Five feet of runway takeoff and it’s airborne. Keep your eyes on the “bouncing ball”. This

is one SPEEDY little sucker. It’s so fast (how fast is it) that Lonnie can’t keep track of it

videoing. Billy slows it down for a low speed pass for Lonnie to video. Low speed pass

is a medium speed pass for the rest of us. Otherwise, it would be road kill.

Many verticle climbs, rolls, loops later, comes in for a belly landing. He’s happy, we’re 

exhausted watching.

NEXT!. a 15” wingspan Osprey. Looks funny on the ground, looks funnier flying. Takes off

vertical and a flick of the switch, the motors go horizontal and it’s a normal plane.

NEXT! Collecting dust in his hangar is a Tri-copter. Same as a quad, but obviously minus one 

motor. He tells us he had it flying in his back yard last night. So today is just a 

show and tell. Put it on the runway, spool it up, it tilts to the left, one prop hits the runway

and it a Bi copter. The servo gears on the “turner thing” are stripped. BUMMER!

Never fear, Billy has more.

From the million mile and hour Komet, and his Flite test Canard, he brings out a 

LAZY BEE. Not judging Billie’s personality, but, it’s pink and light blue. Hmmmmm.

Any one who has seen a Bee in action knows the rest. It flits, it flies, it goes up, does

verticals, loops, everything but a roll.  But, who cares, they are still fun to see fly.

The One o’clock bell strikes and Lonnie and Jim exit. I started to follow, but decided

to I-phone the Cessna for myself.

On the first flight, a bit of a hard landing, had “hurt” the nose gear. Billy shrugged

his shoulders, took off anyway. EXEPT! The nose gear didn’t co-operate. Flight

scrubbed. My turn to go home. Left Billy , ALL ALONE, BY HIM SELF, OUT IN A LONELY



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CVRC 79 2-3-20

Today’s members: “OFTFDTW”, Old Farts That Fly During The Week.

see Lonnie about joining up.

Today’s pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Don Jerch, AND!,  3

non-flying, um, senior (been involved for a long time) members.

Mark McClellan, Randall Hendrix, and Wayne Huffman. They had nothing better to do.

They “graced” us with their presence and knowledge. We all agreed that today was

the day to fly. The rest of the week looks a little moist.

RULE #1: 



RULE #2:    CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, broke this one too.

This is because last week,  I “messed up” my Dancing Poke. I had “played” around with my transmitter. Then, went to fly the Poke. Went to the runway, “wiggled” the

sticks, and control surfaces, “wiggled”. SO!, Poke started down the run way, got airborne, went about 20’ very scale takeoff, gave up elevator, Poke went straight into

the ground. Postmortem, didn’t check which way the elevator was going, it just “wiggled”.

Today, I started with a new to me Eflite PT-17. Nice “scale” takeoff, a few laps around the field, 

a few landings and followed up with more take offs and landings. DIDN’T CRACK IT UP.

Next up was the new to me Avios Grand Tundra, big sucker.  Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, and Billy West each have one. 

It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’ll do anything you throw at it, and more.

For me, I was a little “nervous” about flying it, so, I “coerced” Dick into setting up the

transmitter. Tundra calls for a 4-6S battery. Not wanting to get into “another” battery series,

I opted for running 2 – 3S 4000mah in series. Two brand new batteries, charged, ready to 

go. Dick was gracious enough to make an adapter. It’s an XT-90.

Before coming to the field, I took some time to sort out the control surfaces. I stuffed in a 

couple of 3S 1600 batteries that I had laying around. All went well, YEAH.

So, today at the day at the field, put everything together. Power everything up, no 

beep, beeps from the motor, hmmm….

I had Dick, Lonnie, Jim putting their combined knowledge together to “make it work”.

45 minutes later, I called “Uncle”. We’re spending too much time doing “bench work”, 

instead of flying. Down in the mouth, I left, leaving the boys to have “phun”.

At home, I spent a couple of hours, checking the Tundra setup. I even read the “manual” 

AND! “followed” it. No beeps. Quit for the day. Started up the next day.  Went thru the 

complete setup. Put in some 3S 1600’s to try, easier to get into the battery box.

BEEPING! The next words out of my mouth are not good for the newsletter.

So, today, put the Tundra together, go thru the setup, put in the new batteries, no BEEP.

More non newsletter stuff coming out of my mouth. Wayne and Mark are in the Peanut

Gallery, commenting on “fixes”. Lonnie and I go thru everything again, no BEEP.


I tell Lonnie and Don to go back flying. Tundra’s going home again. One last time, this time

put in the 3S 1600’s, just for grins and giggles. BEEP,BEEP…… 


Mark and Wayne are busting a gut. I’m scrunching my nose and squinting my eyes as to what 

just happened. New batteries vs old batteries. Nope. Check the “brand new batteries”, 

dumb a…. the “new” batteries are 4S batteries, so the ESC, said, no way am I going to

work with them. So, when I had put in the “test” batteries, the Tundra beeped. 

The “error” was obviously my fault for mis-ordering the batteries. Major DUH HUH on my 


Jury rigged a couple 3S 3000 batteries into the battery box. BEEPING OUT THE WAZOO.

Simply amazing. Take off was flawless, Tundra did everything is should have the first time 

around. I was “prompted” to try using the flaps, I did, shazam, they work.

Thanks, to Lonnie and Dick for their “patience” in helping with the setup. As for 

Mark and Wayne,  tttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaapppp

“big ole raspberry”. With that, they “chuckled off into the sunset”.

Don was showing off with his Valiant “ole shoe” plane. Then switched over to his

3D Hummer.

Lonnie had started with a “pristine” Parkzone T-28. For the little that I was paying 

attention, he was flying great. Then he goes to his Wargo 3D plane. The thing is an


Not wanting to “push” my luck, I headed for home, Lonnie in a close second, with 

Don bringing up the rear.


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