CVRC 68 12-7-19

today’s weather more than coolish, clear, minimal winds at 9am.

today’s pilots, Lonnie Hagadorn, Dick Blackburn, Al Bleyenberg

on lookers, Alan Roberts, Johnny Walker, Mark McClellan, Wayne 

Huffman, Randall Hendrix, Dave Putnam, Bill McCain

I got a couple of flights in before the meeting. Alan Roberts showed

up and we got talking about “days gone by”. This was prompted by

me having a slideshow of pics from “glory days”. Thanks to Johnny

Walker for keeping the “archives” and passing them on to me.

everyone got a kick out of “reviewing” the past.

Dick Blackburn arrived to help diagnose my battery problem. Turns out

a leakage causes an odor of sweetness. Learn something new every day.

I called the meeting to order after having to “muzzle” Marc McClellan.

He was teaching all of us about his 4 axis milling machine that he has 

“massaged” into producing chess pieces. Very interesting as Sgt. Schultz,

from Hogan’s Heroes would say. The chessmen were beautiful. If you’re

interested, give Mark a call.

Dick read the past meetings minutes, seconds included. He gave us a financial 

report. Basically, we are ok, for now, but could use more members.

So, twist some peoples arms to join.

Dues for 2020 are welcome at any time.

Open floor time. Wayne Huffman has a request from the Hickory Science Center. 

The guy in charge is looking to setup a display of R/C planes. So, anyone willing to “loan”

a plane, let me know. Of course, something unique would be nice. I’ll try to have

the guy in charge contact me so see what he really needs, and, what space is available.

Once I know more, I’ll pass it on.

As per AMA rules, we should have an election for the 2020 season. Anyone interested in

holding an office position please let me and Dick know. We will decide what to do at the 

next meeting. if weather permits, we’ll try in Jan. 

As for that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and above all, be safe.

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Cow Patty Update (MOOOO)

Gentlemen, the cows have landed again,

Spoke to Tim the farmer, he has a new electric fence system coming next week to help solve the problem. Film at eleven

He’s very apologetic about the situation.

So, I cleaned up some droppings, surveyed the fence line at the left end of the field, and saw a couple of oopsies in the fence itself.

So, me being me, (tough job), started doing some repair and additional fence posts to take up the slack areas where the “boys” are getting out.

Tim arrives, again, apologetic about the situation.

So, we spend some time doing some “fixin”.

He is going to get some more posts and insulators to fix the “holes” that need plugging.

As of right now, tomorrow after lunch we are going to “plug”.

Please be patient.

Tim has mentioned that the gate has been open a few times.

I don’t think it’s any of our members leaving it unlocked, but please be sure to lock up when you leave.

As for flying, don’t think anything happened Sat and today, I got half a battery worth of flight time with the Hummer.

It’s like trying to fly a leaf in the air. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WINDY, DUH HUH

Headed for the home hangar.

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CVRC 42 Sat 11-9-19

Today’s report is brought to you by Elvis Presley’s 


The FOOLS are the four people that showed up today in the “fresh” conditons.

First word that comes to mind “KOOOOOOOOOOLLL”. Watching the weather channel, 

informed me that it was going to be below freezing till about 10a.m. 


That being said, my wife Darlene decided to accompany me to the field.

The irony is that today is her birthday, and, coming to the field was her idea.

Get to the gate, unlock the gate, get back into the car, drive around the corner

to the field, and stop immediately. The whole field has been “invaded” by a herd 

of Tim the Farmers cattle. Now, my Cutlass is not exactly what you call “cow poke”

material. Besides, these critters are all over the field. Logically, I call Tim.

He’s there in a minute flat. To my amazement, he drives his truck just past the main

part of the herd and turns around, the heard follows him to the pasture, they must have 

thought it was “brunch time”.  Just because I can, I corral the “stragglers” to the same field.

Once it’s all done, Tim comes over and is extremely apologetic. Not a prob, he even helps

clean up the ………..

He makes a tour of the fencing, and turns out, that the man gate on the far left of the 

field had been left open. Nearest we can figure is that some of the County Home kids

went thru to go to the creek and never closed it back up.

Cleaning up the last of the ……………, Lonnie Hagadorn arrives. I offered him the second shovel

so he could help, but politely declined. 

So we now start the task at hand, having PHUN!. 

I start out with the kitchen table Hummer. Getting better at this 3D stuff. Nowhere near Jim

Bates skill, but I’m trying.

Lonnie starts out with his Performance Aerobatic “Addiction”. This is a “purty” plane.

Full on 3D and balsa. And, Lonnie does really well with it.

I come in for battery number 2 and Bill Holder arrives. Now, Bill has been “absent” due to 

health issues from back in the HOT! weather days. A gazillion tests for 

heart/lung/body problems proved futile. On his own, he “googled” the symtoms and turns 

out it was mold in his house heating system.  Got all that replaced and he back on the mend.

Bill actually flew 2 different 3D planes (forgot the names).  Amazingly, put on quite a show.

I brought out my Eflite PT-17 that I had been working on. As per usual, “Lonnie” wants to

record the event. For me, this is never good. Something bad always happens, and true to

form it did. Taxing on the runway was “interesting”. Back in the hangar, pulled the hatch.

The control rods, when actuated, were bending a lot more than they should. Didn’t have 

anything with me to remedy. Back to the trailer.

Lonnie now has his Multiplex Parkmaster Pro on the ready. Lonnie has been practicing.

Very nice precise flying. And entertaining.

Not to be out done, I bring out Goofy. The FunCub that had been in a tree for a month.

It’s first outing since the “recovery”. Didn’t disappoint. Still looks good in the air despite

some “injuries”.

Then the cavalry arrives, Randall Hendrix. Just “checkin ya’ll’s progress”. Half an hour of 

chin wagging with everyone, and poof, he’s gone back to get some heat.

Setting the precedent, Darlene and I decide to find some heat also. We be gone.

So, fun was had, a lot of yuk yuks, a lot of good flying, COMMA BUT, still cold.


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CVRC 41 Sat 11-2-19

First thing: Thanks to Dick and Jim for cutting the grass.

Today’s pilots: Lonnie Hagadorn, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Randall Hendrix,

Alan Roberts, and yours truly Al Bleyenberg, accompanied by my lovely wife Darlene.

Weather: a LOT on the coolish side. My usual 8 a.m. arrival time turned into

9 a.m. ish. Followed extremely closely by Lonnie and Alan Roberts, Dick, then, Jim

and last but not least Randall.

Apologies to Johnny Walker for not letting him know we were going, didn’t get his 

email, till we got home.

All in all, aside from the “complaining” about the weather, we had a pretty good time.

Lonnie flew his Mambo biplane to everyone’s amazement or amusement. Too the good that 


He also flew his Eflite Sukoi. A little more of a handful, be he did extremely well with it


Jim had his homebuilt 3D foamie. He must be a Harley-Davidson man because it was 

orange,black,orange,black……. that’s as he did mulitiple corkscrews.

At one point, he must have sneezed, because the next thing was the HD plane heading

toward the left side of the tall grass. No harm, no fowl.

Dick started out with a “wing”, you know, one of those planes that goes like stink.

First “tiger themed” one lasted 7 seconds into the air. Brought it back to the plane  station, 

and off again. This time zoomed all around the field a bunch of time.

Not to be out done, Jim brought out his own wing. It was dueling “wings” in the air,

but no banjo music in the background.

After the wings were put to bed, Dick was “attempting” to fly his Avios Grand Tundra. But for

some reason, the transmitter and the receiver didn’t want to talk.

As for me, I started with the Hummer. That’s the el-cheapo 3D plane that I’m having a lot 

of fun with. After 2 nose first into the ground landings, time to “trailer” it.

Next, tried the Skylark. That’s a little more of a zoomer, I didn’t do too bad, UNTIL, 

I looked left while the plane was going right. Nose dive. Picking up the 5 different

pieces, don’t think I have enough C/A with me. Actually, this one is going to be


Next, I bring out my Dynam T-28. Start with a 3S battery and the stock 11x7x3 prop, just for 

grins and giggles and it flew like it always did. Way too slow and barely airworthy. An abrupt 

landing “all in one piece” “sorta” and off to get a 4S battery, oh yeah, change to a 2 blade 

prop. Whole new air plane. Now I’ve got some control and speed. Make a few circles of the

field, then feel a little “frisky”. Put the Tee into a couple inside loops, then a couple of outside 

loops. Bring it in to check the battery. Up again and hear some muttering. It’s cheering 

coming from the “peanut gallery”. Jim, Dick, Lonnie, and Darlene, are oohing and aahing. 

So, being “egged on”, I do a couple of outside loops. More oohs and aahs.

Only, “one” unnamed spectator says, a Tee can’t do an outside loop.

Guess I didn’t get the memo.

So, good day all around.


hopefully, next weekends weather will be a little more “friendly”

Al understates his flights with the T-28!


The first series of Outside loops he performed ended up ejecting the battery, but fortunately the damage was light. The second time around (after minor repairs) Al was goaded into trying another outside loop by the peanut gallery, which he accomplished flawlessly. We did in fact only have one nay-Sayer in the peanut gallery who said it couldn’t be done with a T-28, but he was quickly proven wrong.

Nice flying AL!


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CVRC 39 Tues 9-24-19

Today’s pilots: Don Jerch, Al Bleyenberg

Due to the fact I have flown in a couple weeks, I’ve been going “bananas”.

I ventured to the field, and was “TOTALLY SHOCKED”.

A few weeks back, we had been invaded by a Russian MIG.

In retaliation, the USAF, sent in an F-16.

TODAY! We had been invaded once more. This time by the BLA.

The field and runway had been completed bombarded. It was like WW2 all over again.

Luckily, Don Jerch, was willing to help with the cleanup.

Oh, the BLA, is the Bovine Liberation Army, (cows).

Tim the farmer has some “teenage” cattle that either go under the electrified fence,

or just plain jump over the fence. The then wander around eating the sweeter grass, 

and “depositing” there thanks.

Don and I cleaned up as best as we could. Then spray painted around the “crater” holes.

So, be watchful of where you walk. 

Don put in some great flights with his Parkzone T-28 and a Flitetest Cub.

I relegated myself to my Parkzone T-28.

By 11, the wind had picked up, Don had to go to the dentist, and I had to go home to 

pick up my “honey dew” list.


P.S. as I was leaving,  a new to me pickup pulled in.

The guys name is Tom Moore from Catawba. He was checking out the field.

I gave him the usual intro and info.

Hope he’ll show up on Sat.

Please make him welcome.

Oh a warning, he flies electric and that ole timey NITRO thing.

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CVRC 61-9-10-2019

Today’s weather: hot and hummmmmid

Today’s pilots (in name only): Don Jerch, Al Bleyenberg

On the spur of the moment,  I met Don Jerch this morning to do some testing.

Don had his new Dynam YELLOW!!!! Waco. Don has done some “artistic” work

to the plane. A new white scarf wearing pilot, some subtle trim painting here and there.

You have to look to see it. Not a bad thing, just tasteful.

This is his second outing for this plane. First time was un nice. Motor came loose from 

the firewall, Battery hatch flew off. So, with all that taken care of, back to the runway.

With GoPro on his head (ala Lonnie), headed off down the runway. Nice smooth “scale”

take off. A few dozen circuits around the field, a see saw landing in the grass, ending up 

with the Waco on its nose. No damage, yeah.

Don was a little disappointed cause I hadn’t brought my RED Waco. Not enough

room in the “mini Taj Mahal”.

So, Don asks, are you flying today. 











Even Don was impressed. Pics and short vid to follow. 


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Saturday Photo Gallery

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CVRC 45 Sat 6-1-2019

Today’s pilots:

Al Bleyenberg, Steve Tisi, Lonnie Hagadorn, Billy West, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn

New members Doug&Sherry Gast, accompanied by RENO.

Late arrival, Blake Hunicutt. GLAD YOU MADE IT OUT AGAIN.

Getting there early is interesting. Many bunnies are hopping around, and wild turkeys (not Lonnie) are bopping around. 

I’ve brought my Frankenstein plane, doing some testing. Got a few good flights in, butwith unusual results. A lot of bucking in the sky. 

Many adjustments, until I realize the motorshaft is flopping around in it’s housing. Hmmmm.

Steve Tisi showed up. He starts out with his mini Convergance VTOL. 

Billy West hot on his heels. Billy looks naked (not physically-thank goodness), he’s just in his SUV. No trailer, no Madison, just a heap of planes in the back.

Billy starts out with his Flitetest “cardboard” A 10. I’m always amazed at the Flitetest products. A bunch of cardboard glued together and it works and flies well.

Lonnie has started with his new E-flite Extra 300. This is a very attractive plane. At one point, while I’m not paying attention, I hear the oh,oh’s. I look up and the plane is waaaayyyybehind the driveway heading towards the trees near the big tower. Luckily, Lonnie, gets it back into the flight pattern. 

A few deep breaths and he gets it onto the runway in one piece. Lonnie just got disoriented.

Steve has now brought out his twin engine Mule. He’s mumbling something about  dropping something out of the plane. Steve has this “paratrooper”

that he loading into the belly of the Mule. A very hasty takeoff and the plane climbs to a safe level. As Steve lines up for the “drop”. He has a gaggle of “engineers” helping with wind direction and speed for the proper drop so that the paratrooper will land back on the field. 3,2,1 drop. This itsy bitsy paratrooper is now heading to earth. AND, at a respectable drop and direction. Steve gets the Mule back onto the runway happens about the same time as the paratrooper hits the grass.

Decent drop sight. He’s landed on the cut grass portion about 50 yards from the end of the runway.

Now the mumbling starts again, if we did one paratrooper, why not try two.

The situation is in progress. This time Billy is the pilot. Same flight pattern as last time.

Takeoff, climb, and line up for a good drop. 3,2,1 drop…….drop……drop…….the trap door is open and we can see a chute flopping in the wind, but no drop. 

Billy does some pilot “stuff”, to try to help with the drop. Finally, they drop. Billy brings the Mule to the ground. 

The paratroopers have floated to the right of the main hangar and over by the roadway.

both paratroopers have survived, everyone is happy.

Alan Roberts has shown up. I introduce him to Doug and Sherry Gast. Then they start talking

about that “nitro” thing. I now have a blank look on my face, and walk away.

Billy has uncaged his Pterodactyl. If you haven’t seen this thing fly, you have to look it up on Lonnie’s Youtube sight. It’s a riot.

Doug has brought out his SIG KADET with an 80 four stroke motor. A few teething problems, and it’s airborne. Luv the sound of a four stroke. 

Looking behind me, and Billy is putting  his Quaker together, also a four stroke.

As sleek as Doug’s KADET is, as gawky is Billy’s QUAKER is. But, Billy’s plane is in an American flag theme. Very striking and very visible in the air.

Jim Bates has launched his flat black jet. As slow as the Quaker is, as fast is the jet is.

Lonnie drags out his Visionaire, 3D plane. He pulls off a very respectable flight, UNTIL, coming in it goes hard right towards the cars, hits the chain, 

which is 5’ away from Lonnie’s own truck. PHEW.

Dick Blackburn brings out his yellow/white sailplane. Puts out the lawn chair, launches,  sits down, and soars. At one point, I look up and can barely see it.

It’s high up there.

Billy brings out his UMX Beast. It’s small, fast, and jittery to fly, but it’s got that  AS3X system on it. Amazing performance from Billy. 

I drag out my Pulse XT 25e. it’s a foam copy of the balsa plane, flies the same, amazingly. One battery flight, second battery flight in progress.

I call out landing left to right. Now remember, it’s still breezy, with the wind coming right at you. The Pulse is in line with the runway, straight, 

good downward flight pattern, 5’ from the end of the runway, the wind kicks it toward the pilot station, instantly I give it right rudder. 

UM, should have been left rudder, THWACK, wing just catches the end of the wire guards, out of the corner of my eye, I see Billy’s UMX GeeBee coming in also, 

and in a “copy cat” fashion, does the same thing I just did.

The GeeBee hit’s the first mesh guard. Billy comes over and we give each other a high five. Billy is so competitive; I think we are tied for the most crashes.

Once the dust has settled, we all start to gather under the main hangar. Except for Dick. 

No fuss no muss, he takes it up and just flies. Brings it down, comes over, sits down. And it’s lawn chair flying for the rest of the time.

Pilots start to fade off into the distance for home. 

I follow shortly after that.


P.S. this time pics will follow and hopefully be bigger. 

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Latest gallery of pictures

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CVRC 40 Wed 5-1-,2019

Today’s players: Al Bleyenberg, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Dave Putnam, Al Moe

Got there 9 ish, cool temp, low winds. First up was the Dining room table Hummer.

For me, didn’t do to bad. Actually, did some rolls and other pilot sh….

landed a little too hard one time and the landing gear was now where the rudder is.

Don’t think that’s right. C/A to the rescue. A couple more flights. Runned out of batteries.

Jim showed up and took out his Voltigeur. He’s been having “teething” problems with it

since he bought it. Today was no different. Got everything ready plugged up the battery.

No beeps, motor started making  a “chunking” sound. That’s a technical term. Look it up.

Tried a different battery, same thing, I gave him a spare motor, same chunking. 

Pretty safe bet it’s the speed controller. Bummer, no fly today with it. 

Dave Putnam arrives in all his glory. No fanfare, just a hey how you doing.

He throws a P-51 foamie on the ground just behind his truck. Guess that’s what he’s flying.

Nope, he brings out a stick built sail plane. Looks really good.  Once it’s on the plane stand, 

he’s putting it together for first flight. Jim obliges by hand launching it for Dave.

Plane make a slooooooooooooow, circle at not to high an altitude around the field and down.

Come to find out, the air brakes (I think that’s right) weren’t working the way they should.

Only one side was engaging. Further inspection showed that one of the cables going to the 

Control surface had come loose. We are going to take up a collection for Dave so he can buy 

some C/A.

Now Dick shows up and does his usual routine. Out comes the padded lawn chair first.

Then he puts his Aspire sailplane together (nice bird). Jim does the hand launch, and Dick is 

away to the races. Actually, he sits down and flies. 

I bring out my Eflite Commander to try. The last adventure, the elevator servo puked out on 

me. Alan Roberts was at the controls, good thing. He knew how to get it back to earth in one 


So this time, I ask Jim to do the honors. Commander slowly gets air born. Jim is working his 

magic with the trimming. Turns out to be a respectable flyer. UNTIL!, he tries to land it.

Fourth attempt was the charm to get it on the runway. The other 3 times, just as it was 

about to touchdown, the wind would gust up and the plane would lift off again. 

You go Master Jim. 

Dave has put away the sailplane and is now in P-51 mode. You’d almost think it wasn’t his first 

time at the controls. Even landing, it came down nicely. 

Jim brings out his DARTH VADER jet. I sorta kinda hand launch it for him. Despite my poor 

launch, Jim has it doing all sorts of zoomy stuff. I can barely see the thing as it’s blasting back 

and forth. 

Much to everyone’s dismay (how’s that for literary speak), the wind has picked up. So what 

else do you do, but sit under Hangar 1 and tell lies. 

Alan Moe has joined the group, pulls a Dick Blackburn, pulls out a lawn chair and starts 


We are all sitting, and lying about how things used to be in the club. 

Half and hour blows by and we head for our respective Hangars.

Volunteer co-pilots are welcome tomorrow for grass cutting.

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