CVRC 75 1-26-20 Saturday

Weather: a little coolish

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Jim Bates, Lonnie Hagadorn, Dick Blackburn

The weather lately has been down right YUKKY. I’m assuming that’s was the reason the 

meager turnout.

Actually, flying was great until about 11:00 when the winds got a little too much.

I started out with a Parkzone Cub. Despite a few trimming issues and the unpredictable

winds, did ok.  Then, I brought out my Dancing Poke, it’s a foam Lazy Bee-ish plane. Same 

results as the Cub, AND!, didn’t crash either one.

Jim Bates was next to arrive. Bringing out his Voltigeur 3D plane was poetry in motion.

BAD news, Jim’s folding table that is in the second hangar was stolen. SCUM BAG not

Jim, but the thief.

Lonnie shows up, WHOOOPEEE.  He was using a 50” Cub that has been collecting dust in

his hangar for a while. SCALE-ish takeoff. Then the flight. Bucking bronco. The longer the 

flight, the more trimming, the better it got. Landed very nice. Then, Lonnie informs us that 

“it” flew really well the last time he flew it. UM, that was 2 years ago.

SO, something has changed. Anyway, he sits on the picnic table for about 15 minutes, 

beeping and booping. Next flight was “very well” behaved.

Dick flies this lime green top (or bottom, can’t tell) and fluorescent orange bottom, (or

is it the top???????????). Flinging and zinging this “wing” proves to be interesting.

Zooming by at a screaming 1,000 mph, makes a hard right, couple of barely noticeable

loops (I can’t see that fast). Next pass, is super ssssssssslllllllllllllllllooooooooowwww

A couple more laps and comes in for a perfect one point landing. Big grin on his face.

By 11, the winds said, no more for ya’ll. So we all begrudgingly made an exit to the 

home fires.


Hello fellows!

 Hate us working guys could not make it to the field on Friday but I did venture out Saturday to try out a few new planes I got ready, I have been dying to get to the field but vacations kinda got in the way!  Anyhow last time I came out I got there at 8:00am and no one showed up till 10-11. So this time I waited till about 10:30am so I unlocked the gate got setup and flew the first plane, it is a real cool plane that HobbyKing has been selling for quite a while it is a speedy plane with an option for a rocket motor to be put in the tail. Unfortunately it took off well and flew for about a minute then I lost signal, unfortunately I was doing one of those super high speed pass so it quite abruptly hit the ground and exploded into several smaller pc. Fortunately it did not hit any of the cows or cow paddy’s!  There is a before and after picture attached, sure wish Lonnie got video of that! As I was walking back from collecting the carnage Dick pulled in. Dick said our club president was supposed to be there but we looked everywhere and could not find him. There is a good chance he was there before us and lost an airplane in a tree a few miles down the road! Who knows it could happen! 

Dick said it was cold and was going where it was warmer, I agreed however I had one more new plane to try. It was an L-4 cub. It is a semi scale model it looks cool and flew well! It even made it back in one pc. I left since there was no other flying going on! Hope you guys have a great week!

The day started off with some light sprinkles, but since tomorrow looks like a washout, I went to the field around 9A. After a while, Don Jerch showed up with his brandy-new FT “cardboard” Storch, and she’s a beauty. Don painted it Desert Camo Tan with a sky blue undersides. Really nice, especially with ll the appropriate german markings.

A range check (this was to be the maiden flight) showed that something wasn’t quite right. At 30 yards and beyond, the low power signal was spotty. Anxious to fly however, Don decided to go up, but he’d keep it close, just in case.

The results can be seen in the video at:

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