CVRC 73 1-11-20

Today’s weather, YUKKY

Participants: Mark McClellan, Jim Bates, Bill McCain, Dick Blackburn,

Johnny Walker, we were “graced” with the presence of club royalty, 

Dave Putnam AND!  his grace Wayne Windsor. Wayne Huffman came 

out of the woodwork, literally. He came thru the woods on his “British

Phonebooth” looking golf cart. In absentia (too lazy to come out) Lonnie 

Hagadorn, informing me of his proxy vote to go “status quo”. Another

technical term for let sleeping dogs lie.

So, we held the meeting at Mark McClellan’s, much thanks Mark.

On Marks suggestion, we moved out to his pool “play house” (bar).

And no, no one had liquor, um, except me. I was “double dog” dared into

trying “apple cinnamon pie”. I like apple pie of any kind, especially with ice cream. 

My surprise was that it came in a cup. Hmmm. One teaspoon was enough.

Next, all I heard was a lot of yuk, yuks from the crowd.  Who says you can’t teach 

and old dog some new tricks. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Enough of that. Dick brought us up to speed on the past meeting, and finances. 

Next was the “new items”. This of course was the election of officers.

Before I could commence with the nominations, Mark blurted out to go

with the same as last year. Before I could say anything else, all hands were

in the air. Seconded, and carried. Sounds like a repeat of last year.


Actually, I wasn’t too surprised. 

I hope I can live up to “expectations”.

If you haven’t been out to the field lately, we’ve covered two sides of the 

main carport. added some flooring (more to come). Working on closing the ends

of the carport. This was done to block the wind. Both for pilot comfort and keeping the 

planes and equipment on the tables. Added a double size second storage cabinet.

Thoughts that were brought up for this coming year:

–  move the far side carport near to the “most used” carport. it would be separated

    by about 10’.  Just works out better for the fliers.

– leave the port a john were it is

– give the tractor shed a new coat of paint.

– do a clean up of the “stuff” in and around the tractor shed, and the “stuff” under the 

  far shed

– do a clean up in the tractor shed

– install shelving in the tractor shed

Volunteers are most welcome.

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