CVRC 71 12-27-19

First all, hope you survived  the holidays. 

Today’s weather. Down right super. warm, low wind

Today’s members: “OFTFDTW”, Old Farts That Fly During The Week.

see Lonnie about joining up.

Johnny Walker, Jim Bates, Don Jerch, Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Bill Holder, Dick Blackburn

My 10 o’clock arrival time was late by an hour and a half, “stuff happens”. Johnny, Jim, and Don all “pointed out” my tardiness. hmmmm

Johnny was busy flying his ParkMaster Pro. Impressive plane, impressive pilot.

Jim had already put in a few flights with his Gran Tundra. 

Don brought his 3D “Hummer”, he got “brow beat” into getting one from some “new guy”. AND, he likes it.

I started with my “Hummer” and did better than expected. Next up was my Dancing Poke, a low wing, short coupled plane,

looks like a foam Speed Bee. Despite the incorrect settings with the plane. Got the plane into the air a couple

of times and didn’t wreck it. I asked Jim for some “technical” advice. Made some adjustments, and a whole new plane. 

I could take my hands of the controls and  it flew straight and true.

Don, the slime, took out his Dynam YELLOW Waco. He never told me, otherwise, I’d have brought my RED Waco and did a tandem fly by. 

Maybe tomorrow.

Jim took a few more shots with the Tundra, all went well until he “had” to land. Coming back to earth, he missed the “smooth” 

part of the grass, landing in the tall grass. Not a problem, except it came to an abrupt halt. Throttle up, elevator up. Nope, not moving. 

Once  back to the stations, turns out he had the misfortune in landing on the “only” remaining cow paddy within 10 miles. Um, a little 

exaggeration. actually, 5 miles. Good news, no “deposits” on the plane.

Lonnie is putting his 3D ???? (can’t remember) plane. Doing “exceptionally well”. Later, he brought out his Flitetest (cardboard) 540. 

Again, lots of great flying.

Dick had his Gran Tundra out also. At one point, a “hardish” landing must have shook up the rudder servo. Yup, stripped the gear. 

Did that stop Dick, NOPE, dusted it off, flew it a couple of ten more times. Has nothing to do with Dicks skills.

By now, I’d run out of ambition and batteries.


would love to see more guys out tomorrow.

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