CVRC 42 Sat 11-9-19

Today’s report is brought to you by Elvis Presley’s 


The FOOLS are the four people that showed up today in the “fresh” conditons.

First word that comes to mind “KOOOOOOOOOOLLL”. Watching the weather channel, 

informed me that it was going to be below freezing till about 10a.m. 


That being said, my wife Darlene decided to accompany me to the field.

The irony is that today is her birthday, and, coming to the field was her idea.

Get to the gate, unlock the gate, get back into the car, drive around the corner

to the field, and stop immediately. The whole field has been “invaded” by a herd 

of Tim the Farmers cattle. Now, my Cutlass is not exactly what you call “cow poke”

material. Besides, these critters are all over the field. Logically, I call Tim.

He’s there in a minute flat. To my amazement, he drives his truck just past the main

part of the herd and turns around, the heard follows him to the pasture, they must have 

thought it was “brunch time”.  Just because I can, I corral the “stragglers” to the same field.

Once it’s all done, Tim comes over and is extremely apologetic. Not a prob, he even helps

clean up the ………..

He makes a tour of the fencing, and turns out, that the man gate on the far left of the 

field had been left open. Nearest we can figure is that some of the County Home kids

went thru to go to the creek and never closed it back up.

Cleaning up the last of the ……………, Lonnie Hagadorn arrives. I offered him the second shovel

so he could help, but politely declined. 

So we now start the task at hand, having PHUN!. 

I start out with the kitchen table Hummer. Getting better at this 3D stuff. Nowhere near Jim

Bates skill, but I’m trying.

Lonnie starts out with his Performance Aerobatic “Addiction”. This is a “purty” plane.

Full on 3D and balsa. And, Lonnie does really well with it.

I come in for battery number 2 and Bill Holder arrives. Now, Bill has been “absent” due to 

health issues from back in the HOT! weather days. A gazillion tests for 

heart/lung/body problems proved futile. On his own, he “googled” the symtoms and turns 

out it was mold in his house heating system.  Got all that replaced and he back on the mend.

Bill actually flew 2 different 3D planes (forgot the names).  Amazingly, put on quite a show.

I brought out my Eflite PT-17 that I had been working on. As per usual, “Lonnie” wants to

record the event. For me, this is never good. Something bad always happens, and true to

form it did. Taxing on the runway was “interesting”. Back in the hangar, pulled the hatch.

The control rods, when actuated, were bending a lot more than they should. Didn’t have 

anything with me to remedy. Back to the trailer.

Lonnie now has his Multiplex Parkmaster Pro on the ready. Lonnie has been practicing.

Very nice precise flying. And entertaining.

Not to be out done, I bring out Goofy. The FunCub that had been in a tree for a month.

It’s first outing since the “recovery”. Didn’t disappoint. Still looks good in the air despite

some “injuries”.

Then the cavalry arrives, Randall Hendrix. Just “checkin ya’ll’s progress”. Half an hour of 

chin wagging with everyone, and poof, he’s gone back to get some heat.

Setting the precedent, Darlene and I decide to find some heat also. We be gone.

So, fun was had, a lot of yuk yuks, a lot of good flying, COMMA BUT, still cold.


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