CVRC 41 Sat 11-2-19

First thing: Thanks to Dick and Jim for cutting the grass.

Today’s pilots: Lonnie Hagadorn, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Randall Hendrix,

Alan Roberts, and yours truly Al Bleyenberg, accompanied by my lovely wife Darlene.

Weather: a LOT on the coolish side. My usual 8 a.m. arrival time turned into

9 a.m. ish. Followed extremely closely by Lonnie and Alan Roberts, Dick, then, Jim

and last but not least Randall.

Apologies to Johnny Walker for not letting him know we were going, didn’t get his 

email, till we got home.

All in all, aside from the “complaining” about the weather, we had a pretty good time.

Lonnie flew his Mambo biplane to everyone’s amazement or amusement. Too the good that 


He also flew his Eflite Sukoi. A little more of a handful, be he did extremely well with it


Jim had his homebuilt 3D foamie. He must be a Harley-Davidson man because it was 

orange,black,orange,black……. that’s as he did mulitiple corkscrews.

At one point, he must have sneezed, because the next thing was the HD plane heading

toward the left side of the tall grass. No harm, no fowl.

Dick started out with a “wing”, you know, one of those planes that goes like stink.

First “tiger themed” one lasted 7 seconds into the air. Brought it back to the plane  station, 

and off again. This time zoomed all around the field a bunch of time.

Not to be out done, Jim brought out his own wing. It was dueling “wings” in the air,

but no banjo music in the background.

After the wings were put to bed, Dick was “attempting” to fly his Avios Grand Tundra. But for

some reason, the transmitter and the receiver didn’t want to talk.

As for me, I started with the Hummer. That’s the el-cheapo 3D plane that I’m having a lot 

of fun with. After 2 nose first into the ground landings, time to “trailer” it.

Next, tried the Skylark. That’s a little more of a zoomer, I didn’t do too bad, UNTIL, 

I looked left while the plane was going right. Nose dive. Picking up the 5 different

pieces, don’t think I have enough C/A with me. Actually, this one is going to be


Next, I bring out my Dynam T-28. Start with a 3S battery and the stock 11x7x3 prop, just for 

grins and giggles and it flew like it always did. Way too slow and barely airworthy. An abrupt 

landing “all in one piece” “sorta” and off to get a 4S battery, oh yeah, change to a 2 blade 

prop. Whole new air plane. Now I’ve got some control and speed. Make a few circles of the

field, then feel a little “frisky”. Put the Tee into a couple inside loops, then a couple of outside 

loops. Bring it in to check the battery. Up again and hear some muttering. It’s cheering 

coming from the “peanut gallery”. Jim, Dick, Lonnie, and Darlene, are oohing and aahing. 

So, being “egged on”, I do a couple of outside loops. More oohs and aahs.

Only, “one” unnamed spectator says, a Tee can’t do an outside loop.

Guess I didn’t get the memo.

So, good day all around.


hopefully, next weekends weather will be a little more “friendly”

Al understates his flights with the T-28!


The first series of Outside loops he performed ended up ejecting the battery, but fortunately the damage was light. The second time around (after minor repairs) Al was goaded into trying another outside loop by the peanut gallery, which he accomplished flawlessly. We did in fact only have one nay-Sayer in the peanut gallery who said it couldn’t be done with a T-28, but he was quickly proven wrong.

Nice flying AL!


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