CVRC 70 12-21-19

Not being of sound mind and body: seems there are more than me.

Today’s pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Wayne Huffman (checking in), Lonnie

Hagadorn, Johnny Walker, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn.

As usual, I showed up way too early. The windsock was anywhere from

6 oclock to 9 oclock. Worse part is that it’s “water cold”. That kind 

of cold that just goes to your bones. And yes, I was dressed for the day.

Took a couple more slurps of my coffee. Looking at the windsock, and then

my watch, repeat, repeat. Decided to “head to the hangar”. As I’m loading

up, a truck pulls in. Wayne Huffman. He’s looking for Dick Blackburn.

So, we shoot the breeze for a while. Wayne in his heated truck, me standing

outside, duh huh. Once again, I’m ready to bail. A truck is coming down the laneway,

Lonnie Hagadorn, bummer, almost got away.

Lonnie nods to us and heads to the hangar, plane and all the fixins in hand.

Hmm, sounds like a turkey, His setup, not Lonnie, well……..

Wayne and I keep shooting the breeze about his Mickey Mouse Land trip.

By now, Lonnie is hot and heavy into flying his Edge 540, FliteTest (cardboard)

3D plane. Lonnie is ecstatic. He flew this plane yesterday and not too happy.

Went home and changed from a 10” prop to a 12” prop. Whole different rig.


Wayne heads to parts unknown and Johnny Walker shows up. JW hasn’t been

out for a while. Family commitments keep getting in the way.

His first plane out is his Park Master Pro, followed up with a frog green

Roc Hobby MX 3D plane. All kidding aside, JW can fly these things and is very impressive.

Next up, Jim Bates shows up “naked”, (no planes), get your minds out 

of the gutter. He’s hot and heavy in the “gab mode”, he’s been under the weather (house

arrest) for two weeks.

Lonnie was great in having Jim fly Lonnies FT 540. Jim, being old school is 

happier flying with no “auto pilot”. AND, Jim knows how to fly.

We are all is impressed.

Dick Blackburn shows up. Toboggan on head, rosy red cheeks. Told you it

is “fresh” outside. Dick brings out his Grand Tundra. This blue/white high wing, flies great.

Nothing to do with Dick’s flying skills.

First flight, takes off to the right, circles back to the left, then “mutters”

to himself, the plane is a little wobbly. Dick brings it back to the runway.

Plane lands, goes 10’, comes to a stop. Dick puts his transmitter down,

muttering all the time. Heads to his truck, gets his “flying” glasses.

BIG OLE SMILE. From then on, the Tundra flies amazingly.

As for me, I had shown up with my new Hobby King Wargo. This is 

the “signature” 3D plane that Mike Wargo (precision aerobatics Team

pilot) has designed. 

Nothing to do with Wargo’s plane, more my “build” of the plane.

Taking short cuts doesn’t pay off.  BUT, this plane isn’t playing well.

By now, it’s getting close to noon, I’ve got an appointment to go to.

Say my “hydy hoes” and leave.

So, what happened after I left, is unknown.

A couple of guys have paid their 2020 dues. YEAH!

So, gents, not pushing, but dues would be nice to have.


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