CVRC 68 12-7-19

today’s weather more than coolish, clear, minimal winds at 9am.

today’s pilots, Lonnie Hagadorn, Dick Blackburn, Al Bleyenberg

on lookers, Alan Roberts, Johnny Walker, Mark McClellan, Wayne 

Huffman, Randall Hendrix, Dave Putnam, Bill McCain

I got a couple of flights in before the meeting. Alan Roberts showed

up and we got talking about “days gone by”. This was prompted by

me having a slideshow of pics from “glory days”. Thanks to Johnny

Walker for keeping the “archives” and passing them on to me.

everyone got a kick out of “reviewing” the past.

Dick Blackburn arrived to help diagnose my battery problem. Turns out

a leakage causes an odor of sweetness. Learn something new every day.

I called the meeting to order after having to “muzzle” Marc McClellan.

He was teaching all of us about his 4 axis milling machine that he has 

“massaged” into producing chess pieces. Very interesting as Sgt. Schultz,

from Hogan’s Heroes would say. The chessmen were beautiful. If you’re

interested, give Mark a call.

Dick read the past meetings minutes, seconds included. He gave us a financial 

report. Basically, we are ok, for now, but could use more members.

So, twist some peoples arms to join.

Dues for 2020 are welcome at any time.

Open floor time. Wayne Huffman has a request from the Hickory Science Center. 

The guy in charge is looking to setup a display of R/C planes. So, anyone willing to “loan”

a plane, let me know. Of course, something unique would be nice. I’ll try to have

the guy in charge contact me so see what he really needs, and, what space is available.

Once I know more, I’ll pass it on.

As per AMA rules, we should have an election for the 2020 season. Anyone interested in

holding an office position please let me and Dick know. We will decide what to do at the 

next meeting. if weather permits, we’ll try in Jan. 

As for that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and above all, be safe.

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