Saturday January 26 2019

CVRC 21 Sat. Jan26, 2019


Dick Blackburn, Jim Bates, Billy West, Steve Tisi, Alan Roberts, Johnny Walker, (Lindsey-golden retriever), and me.

Cold day, (toboggan weather), windy off and on, clear, and yeah, sunny.

By the time I arrive, planes had been in the air. JimB was getting his red Four Star Forty Nitro ready for flight. Being new to this sport, I commented to Jim about this long chrome thing coming out of the transmitter. He just chuckled. Then I noticed that this is like a Corsair, because it had something that looked like a “tail hook”, as in carrier landing stuff. Again, he laughs. Someone will have to enlighten me.

Barely clearing the runway, Four Star had a difficult time getting any altitude, his comments were “I’m giving it all I can Captain, but she has no more”. Elevator was at max, even with bucket loads of trim. To err on the side of caution, Jim, brought it back to earth. Interesting landing, because of minimal elevator, it got about 2’ off the grass and Jim cut the engine. WORKED PERFECTLY. Upon investigation, the elevator linkages were going to need some attention. Back to the hangar.

Steve Tisi had brought this “thing”. It’s called a “grifter” (looks like a first version ultralite). Impressive take off. Steve, with Billy’s help, checks all the controls, perfect. Fires up the motor, perfect. Goes about 10’ feet, takes to the sky, perfect. Then as if on “cue”, it goes straight down onto the runway and bounces back into the air (just like a drop kicked football), and away she goes. It’s a bit of a handful to fly, a couple of laps around the course, and he brings it in.

Once again, perfect landing. Bounces on the grass, flips onto its nose “perfect”.  Steve gets the “piloting skills award” for the day.

On plane the stand, it’s determined the CG was not the culprit, but the motor thrust angle needed some “tweaking” (technical term). Back to the hangar.

In the meantime, Dick has taken off with his, Navion Microlite. Transparent blue wings, and yellow body. Looks like an early “ultra lite, but with a body” plane with Mickey Mouse as pilot (not referring to Dick). It’s an electric pusher plane that according to Dick, he just “dusted off” to bring for our enjoyment. It worked. Dick, once again, slowly, calmly, expertly, sailed it off the runway, did some slow fly-bys, and some very impressive aerobatics. You’d never expect a plane like that could do them. Then some text book landings.

Next up was BillyW and JohnnyW and their 3D planes. It’s amazing to see what these planes do. Way too advanced for my skills (for now). Just to add excitement to the mix, I yelled over to the boys that I was taking a plane to the runway. In unison, they both groaned and convincingly yelled out ok. Not really, but they were trying to be polite.

My “weapon of choice” is my original starter plane. It’s a Gamma 370 Pro V2. Big name for a simple little plane. Basic high wing trainer. This plane, with my tender care, has hit the ground multiple times, a tree a couple of times, a power pole a couple of times, (see a pattern here). and then the finale, at a different field, I flew it into the sun, so I couldn’t see it, by the time I got my eyesight back. GONE, DISAPPEARED, Twilight Zone stuff. We searched everywhere. There is a bush directly behind us, so, we assumed it was in the bush somewhere. Next day, Sunday, my wife Darlene and I spend 2 hours searching. GONE. Found a young guy with a drone to so a surveillance of the area. GONE.

One week later, one of the club members, was flying a real plane over the field. He sent me a pic of this white thing in a sea of tall green wheat. FOUND. It had been 180 degrees from our vision in tall green wheat. Now this thing had endured major rains, following very sunny days in a field all by its lonesome and with its belly towards the sun. Don’t care, it’s home.

From that point on it flew like a big piece of excrement. Put on the shelf, other fish to fry. This past week, I got a wild notion to give it one more try. Well, today, 3 times into the air. Took off great, a little shaky in the air, trimming involved, and then flew like a dream. Guess all it needed was a good rest. Even the 3D boys were impressed. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I took it back to the carport for the next flight (battery change). I then hear some yelling. 

By the time I get to where I could see. SteveT, BillyW, and JimB, were looking straight out in the distance. There was this Lime green Sukoi hanging about 100’ up in the big ole tree about 400’ away. The one that’s straight away from the runway. The boys wandered over to see how to retrieve it. I was assuming they would try to power it out of the tree. When they came back, Steve said it might have worked except for one thing. He had the motor in his hand. So now, it’s up to the flying Gods to release it. Sorry Steve.

The temp is dropping and the wind is picking up. Dick and Jim disappear into the sunset for their weekly lunch. Alan Roberts makes his departure. Johnny Walker gets a phone call, and it’s homeward bound for him with Lindsey (golden retriever).  That leaves Billy, Steve, and me. I’ve packed up my “stuff”, cause I’m feeling the cold, but hang around long enough to see Billy try out his latest, 6 rotor drone. He takes a couple of close up shots of Steve’s Sukoi that’s now a tree ornament. May try rescue mission with a drone and fishing hook???????

Once again, good day, good friends. YA’LL NEED TO COME OUT.

Now to some a relief to other’s not. The newsletter is going to stop for a while. I have to go to the hangar and get my landing gear repaired. Hip replacement. Golden years are turning out to be “aluminum” years. All things considered and the creek don’t rise, might be back in a month. Wishful thinking. I’m hoping someone else can take up the slack in the meantime.


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