January 18 2019

CVRC 20 2019 Fri. Jan 18, 2019

Today’s roster: Dick Blackburn, Bill Holder, me, Jim Bates, Lonnie Hagadorn, Don Jerch in order of appearance.

So here I was in my heated work shop just toiling away. Get a “boop” on my phone around 10:30. Seems Dick, Bill, Don, Jim, and lastly Lonnie were headed to the field.

I was not planning on going because it was cold and cloudy. 

COMMA BUT, the club’s “meteorologist” Lonnie informed us that the weather was going to be in the 50’s with no more than 3mph winds, and he would never steer me wrong.

Hmm, Lonnie is a lot smarter than me, so I took him at his word.

Fresh mug of coffee in hand, “toys” loaded, and I’m off.

At the field, Dick and Bill were already flying. Getting out of my truck, temp was really cool and damp. The “ceiling” (airplane talk for cloud height) was about 150’. Checking out the boys, I helped Dick get his (forgot the name of plane) running. A 300cc nitro engine. Once in the air, it disappeared into the cloud cover. We all knew where it was, sorta kinda, because we could hear it. Dick’s skills made it look effortless while maneuvering back into sight and on the ground. Not stopping the plane, he did a couple of landings and takeoffs.


Al seems to be struggling with names and zeros. The plane was a scratch built Super Hots built in about 1985 (33 years old). 300 cc would be a big one but it was only my Super Tigre 3000 (30 cc). Hasn’t run for a few years. Had to keep the glow plug on or it would quit. Wonder if it could have anything to do with the fuel also being a few years old ?? Dick

Once back on the ground, it was Bill’s turn with his E-flite Commander. One purty plane.

By this time Jim and then Lonnie showed up. Jim started helping Dick and Lonnie “assisting” Bill with the Commander’s “autopilot” setup.

Once again, with Jim’s help, Dick’s plane was back in the air doing what Dick does best. Fly expertly. Next victim is Bill’s Commander. First takeoff a little shaky, but no harm no foul.

Second takeoff, smooth as silk. The rest of the air time was excellent. I think Bill has been practicing.

Lonnie, not to be outdone, brought out his EPP foamy. Looked like a keystone cops plane. Once in the air, it like watching a butterfly. Left, right, up, down, here, there, everywhere. This is either Lonnie’s great piloting skills or…………….

With Jim’s help, they trimmed it out. It then was a respectable flyer.

Don showed up and talked and watched a bit. He brought his T-28 to fly.

As for me, I opened the trailer. Talked with the guys, started get cold. By now, the wind had picked up, sock at 90 degrees. Not any warmer, so I called it a day, headed back to my heated Garage.

About 4:30, when I came out of my garage, I was dumbfounded. Felt like 50 degrees, sunny, no  clouds. Well, I guess, Lonnie was right after all, only a few hours late.

Lonnie was wearing his “third” eye. Better known as a Go-Pro. It’s great, all he does is look at someone or something, and it’s recording all the events.

Lonnie should be posting pics later.

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