January 14 2019

CVRC 18 Wed. Jan 14, 2019

Today’s roster, Jim Bates, Billy West, Steve Tisi, Lonnie Hagadorn, and me.

The weather gods favored our club. Jim had brought a PT-17 balsa/monokote plane that has been “hangar bound” for a while. When I arrived, I asked if he had flown yet,

hung his head and said, took up the PT-17, and crashed when a battery decided to quit. Good news, not too hard to repair for Jim’s abilities.

Billy showed up with his latest “fleet”. Again, his “mobile hangar” was full to the brim. Most of his “fly things” (technical term) had wings. COMMA BUT, there was this THING 

Not a helicopter, but had rotors, then a “normalish” body under the rotors. The framework holding the rotor to the body looked like an old timey windmill framework. 

It’s a Gyrocopter. I’ve only seen them in Youtube videos. No matter what you think, they look weird when flying.

Billy’s first words when bringing out the Gyrocopter was this is a crash waiting to happen. He lied, all of his flights were great. Still looked odd, but so be it.

Steve Tisi showed up with his Cub again. Last time and first time he brought it, Jim, Dick, and Steve were trying to setup the gyro and AS3X setup to no avail.

Today, Steve got it up in the air. No fuss, no muss, no bother. I yelled over to Steve, I see you got all the auto pilot stuff working. NOPE, disabled it, I’m flying

naked. Control wise, not literally (perverts).

In boring column, Lonnie and I brought up the rear. Lonnie with his mid-size Apprentice.

My weapon of choice was the FunCub, nuff said about that. Which in code means, I didn’t crash it once.

Another car pulled in and we were graced with the presence of CVRC royalty. 

Wayne Windsor and his wife had come out to see what all was going on after reading the “newsletters” and seeing the videos. I gave him his obligatory name tag. 

Told him if he gets lost, jump into a mailbox, and he’ll get mailed home. I picked at him for not bringing a plane. He said he wanted to check out if people were flying before he brought something. So, he’s going to “dust off” one of his planes and fly. Gotta see it to believe it.For the rest of the time he was there, Jim and Wayne were talking trash. 

Now, what I have left out, is that I had shown up with 2 “new to me” planes which likely haven’t seen sunshine or been in the air for 10 years. First thing out of Billy’s mouth when he saw them, wanna sell? Nope. 

Now for Billy to say that, they must be different. You can be the judge of that. One was a 

Lazy Bee, and the other a Baby Bee. Billy was drooling.  Because of my flying skills, I asked Billy to re-maiden them for me. He couldn’t get the transmitter

fast enough.

One reason I didn’t want to fly them, yet, is that they both are 3 channel, which for me would be a challenge. For all you “seasoned” pilots, you’re probably laughing. 

First up to bat was the BabyBee. And true to form, it flew like it should have. Cute as a button. A few clicks of trim here and there and it was flying with no hands on the controls. Fast slow looked fantastic. Big grins on everyone’s faces.

Next up to bat was he LazyBee. And as before, same thing. A few clicks of trim and it was hands free. Next time it’s going to be buddy-box for Billy and me. 

I’d rather be safe than sorry. They’re too pretty to wreck.

By now, Steve had adios-ed. Wayne was off to pick up grand kids. Jim was headed to the home hangar.

Lonnie, Billy and I did some bench flying when Billy brought out a small quadcopter. Amazing little flying boxes. Lonnie was headed for home. Billy and I called it a day.

Good time had by all. 


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