Saturday January 12 2019

CVRC 18 Sat. Jan 12, 2019

Fliers: Billy West, Lonnie Hagadorn, Jim Bates, Johnny Walker, Dick Blackburn.

Much as I hate to do this, I have to copy Lonnie Hagadorn and Billy West’s dialogue for today’s flying.

I’m a woose. Dick and I had been there on Monday do some “field work”, and I for one got frozed.

So, I opted to stay in my my HEATED hangar to work on my “wrecked” fleet. Don’t ask.


Had a great day at the field today! It was a bit chilly, the wing all but disappeared around 10:30. It made for great flying. Sure missed seeing AL at the field. Since he was not there I went ahead and stalled my Cessna at the end of the runway and it did half of a cartwheel, I believe we got that on video! After that we all felt like AL.


I just reviewed the video footage from today and I can confirm that I have proof that Billy West has officially displaced Al as the CVRC crash-master. Billy also attempted to drill into Jim Bates while taking off with his Cessna, but given Jim’s lightning quick reflexes, he spoiled the attack. Yep, got that on film too!

This time, we were graced with the presence of Billy West, Jim Bates, Johnny Walker, Dick Blackburn and yours-truly. As usual, Billy brought some very interesting aircraft. I think I got the biggest kick out of his Mig 29 foamie pusher-prop “jet”. In trying to increase speed and power, he had installed a crudely cut-down prop and brought along both a 3S and 4S battery. On 3S, it was pretty sedate, but when the 4S was installed, it really came to life! Billy also had what must be the worlds smallest flying model C-17 (?) Globemaster. This thing has two tiny pusher-prop motors and is steered by using differential thrust. No ail, elv or rudder controls! Johnny had his ParkMaster  back in action, and it was fun watching him dueling with Jim and his 3D foamie.


Although the weather was cold, it wasn’t too awfully bad until the sleet started coming down around noon. It didn’t cut back on the fun, but shortened our time there a bit. I didn’t fly at all today, rather I spent the morning trying out a new GoPro5 “Session” camera, mounted under the bill of a baseball cap. This tiny camera, which I have placed right between my eyes, makes videography dead simple. I’m surprised at how well it worked out.

“New Guy” Al didn’t show, which was both the bad news and the good news of the day. (Bad, because we missed him, but good, because he didn’t wreck any more airplanes!) BITE ME LONNIE

I have a lot of footage to edit, but I’ll get it on line as soon as I can.

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