Saturday January 26 2019

CVRC 21b Sat. Jan26, 2019

Apologies to Billy West. I forgot to mention his Pitts plane. It’s medium blue with white combo.

The color scheme is like wedge shapes on the wings. Shiny. This plane is BRAND NEW, four years ago. 

Billy finally decided to make it work.

True to Billy’s form, flawless. Puts the battery into it, sets his xmitter to the proper settings, makes the control surface checks, moves away from the runway, fires up the motor, down the runway, and then hoopy doos up and down. Billy has his hands full, plane makes a sharp right still climbing, then banks left level, goes behind the wind sock pole, heads back towards us.

At this time I yell out “hard hat area”, some laugh, Billy doesn’t. As we all watch the Pitts go over our heads, it still is banking left. Billy straightens out the plane, slows it down, and plops it onto the grass, wheels on the ground, all in one piece. APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE.

Putting the Pitts on the stand, everyone comes over to help with a diagnosis. Nearest everyone can figure out, is the CG is wrong. Can’t blame Billy, the CG he used was according to the manual.

Hangar time.

Bottom line, beautiful plane, expert piloting skills, terrific show.

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