February 2 2019

Well today I got a late start to the field, I actually did not plan to go as I had sent my radio in to get worked on. Funny thing, I figured out it is quite difficult to fly when every time you throttle up your plane goes to the right then when you throttle down it shoots to the left. Anyhow I ordered a cheap 12 channel radio from Hobby King and it was not scheduled to be in till Monday but much to my surprise it came today about 1:00pm so I bound it up to a glider I just finished covering and headed to the field. Steve Tisi also met me there. We got to the field around 2 and the gate was locked and no one was there. We figured first shift left a while before. No worries Steve attempts to put his mini ultra light in the air, and like last week it had a few issues this time it was a bit tail heavy. Steve navigated it back to the ground and we moved around a few things then we threw it and just like last week this thing hit the ground and bounced back into the air unreal how strong this little plane is. Anyhow after a few try’s we got it flying real nice! Sorry no video we are not that technical! Next I threw up my mini twist. This was bound up to the new radio. I could never figure out how to set the expo so it twisted right into the ground. Wow this new radio is super touchy! Can’t wait for my DX-18 to get back! After that I throw the new green glider in the air it is very tail heavy, I did not have instructions so I guessed the CG. I was wrong again. We added the weight we took off of Steve’s plane and an extra battery and it flew much better. However the wings were built very weak so they almost bent in half, when flying I could swear the wing tips touched each other but upon video review they only almost touched each other. See attached pictures! After that we flew my favorite 3D quad and the little global master. It was an awesome day with great weather. We hope to see you guys at the field next time. And sure hope AL gets back soon to do these reviews as I suck at it. Looking to see if the first shift guys have a review, we would sure like to hear from ya. Lol happy flying everyone. 
ThanksBilly west

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