December 4 2018

CVRC 8 Dec 4,2018

You know it’s one of those days where I should have stayed in bed.

Went to the field. Cold, windy, cloudy, toboggan and long johns weather.

Started with the Parkzone Corsair that I had trouble with before. Wants to dive to the

right and down after takeoff. Still doing it, but not as bad.

Kept it alive for a couple of flights.

By now Lonnie Hagadorn and Bill Holder have arrived.

Take the corsair up again, put in a ton of left aileron. Helped, but didn’t cure. So, I come in for a landing. A couple of feet off the ground the wind catches it, plops over, breaks the prop. No big deal, only, I didn’t bring any spare props.

Lonnie brings out one of his “fleet”, the HobbyZone Variant, and proceeds to fly flawlessly. But, he’s got that “little electronic pilot” to help him out.

Still looks good in the air though. He does some touch and goes, 3 hops and goes.

I ask about the “autopilot”, he then shows me all the features of it, impressive.

He shows off for a couple more flights.

Bill brings out his “Apprentice” plane. This is a great plane. It’s also got the “autopilot” in it. But fair is fair, Bill knows how to fly the plane well. 

NEXT, up to bat is my FunCub, the “go to” plane for me. Been thru HE++ and back with my flying ability. But just like the old Timex commercials, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Get 4 good flights in, for me. Lonnie takes some great “close up shots”.  Never tried this before, but Lonnie suggested I try flaps for a landing. Um, ok, so I try half flaps, slows down to a crawl, touch down. Yeah me.

Lonnie suggests I try full flaps for a takeoff. I’m kinda leery, cause I’ve never tried that before. Oh what the heck. Takes off, hard left and straight up, then straight down into one of the wire pilot stations. Many pieces later, plane 2 down for the count. It ain’t purty.

Now, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson, nope. Lonnie (see a pattern here) talks me into flying my Eflite Commander (of which he has one). Besides Bill wants to see it in action also. My first mistake was being talked into hooking up the AS3X (auto pilot) system. I’ve seen too many “oopsies” with that, so I use a plain ole receiver and “fly” the plane.

After a long time, programming, we’re set. In “safe mode” should fly itself, plane goes up, up, up, does a 180, then down, down, down.

Plane 3, down for the count.

Time to call it a day.

Al “new guy”, 3 planes down



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