Sun. Dec. 2, 2018

CVRC Sun. Dec. 2, 2018

SO! I send out my usual “gonna be at the field Sun.” letter.

I show up at the field and I’m all by myself. What a bunch of babies. Just cause it’s misting a bit, you

can still fly. Worst part is wiping off my glasses when the misting gets too heavy.

So instead of getting upset, just fired up the FunCub and flew the living day lights out of it.

Loops, barrel rolls, Cuban 8’s, tried some inverted flying, WOW, am I getting good at this.

Throw in a couple of touch and go’s, perfection. Too bad I didn’t have a video of all this to show the

“OLD GUYS” how a newbie can show them how it’s done.

Next on the agenda is the Parkzone Corsair. Once again, I amaze myself, doing the hardest left and

right banking as I can muster, the wings are bending so far that the wing tips are touching

each other. WOW what a plane, even more, WOW, am I ever good. Just for grins and giggles I bring it

in so slow, I can walk over and catch it. Instead of being “a show boat” about it, pull up on the elevator,

hit full flaps, and it plunks on the runway, rolling about 3’.

I thought this flying stuff was hard.

THEN I WAKE UP, I was on the couch, SLEEPING.

Al “newbie”

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