Sun Nov 25, 2018

Sun Nov 25, 2018

Showed up at the field around 11. Overcast, cool, damp, all by myself.

Got a few flights in on my Parkzone Corsair. Three times up three times down, only damage each time, was the landing gear breaks off. Gonna have to get a better set up.

Next was “ole faithful”, Multiplex Fun Cub. It’s been rode hard and put away wet many times,

But like the old TIMEX commercials, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Lonnie Hagadorn and Bill Holder arrive.

Lonnie unloads his “repaired, new Eflite Slow Poke”. Last week Lonnie decided on arguing

A couple of really good flights, Bill brings out his Eflite Apprentice.  Even with a few battle

scars, Bill puts the Apprentice thru its paces. A few touch and go’s. Very nice.


Next, Don Jerche shows up with his new to him Parkzone T-28. We do some last minute servo and linkage setups. A few changes on his DX6.

As luck would have it, Jerrel Bolick shows up and I talk Don into letting Jerrel take up the T-28 to feel it out.

A few changes later, Bill  takes over control. Bill does a few good passes, then down to earth, in one piece.

Next, Fun Cub, Apprentice, Lonnies Eflite Commander take turns. Now if you haven’t seen this Commander in the air, look it up on Youtube. It’s a sweetheart. It does everything beautifully. Fast, slow, acrobatic, even landing.

Jerrel takes out his trust Hellcat, and as usual, puts the rest of us to shame with his flying skills. Then to add insult to injury, he does the same performance with his Skyraider. Fast, slow, disgusting.

Don decides it’s time to try the T-28 on his own. Down the runway about 60’ and it does a torque roll to the left, runs into the wire barricades and that’s all she wrote.

By this time Lonnie and Bill are heading for their homes, Don does the same.

Jerrel and I spend some time talking about flying, what a surprise.

By this time we both decide “fun was had”.

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