December 7 2018

Dec. 7, 2018

Well, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go to the field to “test” the problem child Corsair.

Upon arrival, there was Lonnie Hagadorn and Bill Holder. Hmmmm, thanks for letting me know you 

were coming out. In unison, they both said, well we sent out an email a couple of days ago.

Hate to admit it, but they were right. Still had to give them a hard time.

Lonnie was sitting watching and filming Bill fly his Apprentice. He’s coming around, landing the 


With a bounce and back in the air. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but to Bill, it’s nirvana.

He’s been practicing. He does a couple of 2 bounce hops, and 3 bounce hops, the plane, obviously.

Show off.

So Lonnie, aren’t you flying???

Bill laughs, and Lonnie said, yup, I was………. Pause.

Ok, what happened. Lonnie is flying his new Eflite Variant. A really good looking plane.

Well, I sorta planted it nose down.


Lonnie took his plane in the air, another obvious, and was doing all sorts of aerobatics. Quite well, Bill piped in. But Lonnie seemed to get a little far away. Facing the runway, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy past the field, is the stone enclosure.

While executing (how’s that for a fancy word) a loop, Lonnie was getting a little too close to the ground, switched the plane into “SAFE” mode (Auto Pilot for us old foggies). Worked perfect except he waited just a little too late.

Smacked the belly of the Variant off one of the stone pillars. After that, a bit of a walk to pick up the 

remains. And to add insult to injury, Lonnie, is the cameraman, so Bill didn’t get pics of the event, bummer.

As for me, if you’ve been following the past “updates”, you know I’ve got a problem child. The Corsair.

For reasons, I haven’t figured out yet, the thing gets into the air, and about 30’ out wants to dive right and down. I’ve checked everything 3 times over. Only way to fly, is put a ton of left trim into the ailerons.

Get it back on the ground, belly up. No damage, except my pride.

By this time Lonnie and Bill called it a day. They had been there since 10 a.m. 

Take the Corsair back to the carport. Check everything again. On the right aileron horn, I had put the rod into the second hole from the top. The left was in the top hole. YEE HA! Smoking gun.

Make the adjustments, all trims back to normal. Take off and same dive to the right, only not as severe. SO, the only way, again, is a ton of left trim on the aileron.

Once more on the ground, I’m tempted to fudge the right aileron clevis to raise it up to compensate.

By this time, Tim, the farmer, shows up to talk a bit. Nice guy, if you’re ever there and see him. Have a talk. Interesting guy.

30 minutes go by, and it’s getting too cold for my blood. 


Al “newguy”

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