CVRC March 16 2020

Well!, today I planned on going to the field and with Dick Blackburn, do some “hangar” work.

The agreed upon time was 9, so when I showed up at 8:45 the gate was already open.

Wow, Dick is an early riser. 

Making the left hand turn towards the field, there’s a plane in the air, and it’s a biggun.

Once I get to the hangar, I realize the early bird pilots are Kevin and Jason S. (don’t ask me to pronounce the last name)

They joined yesterday, and shazam, their flying. 

Did the usual hidie hos, and carried on to “work”.

Dick shows up and we do “stuff”. 

Around 11:30, Dick is off for a lunch date. 

So, there I am, all alone, by myself. (any tears out there………………..)

About 1, Lonnie Hagadorn and Bill Holder arrived with planes in tow. 

Both had 3D ish planes and flew their brains out.

We all left around 2;30. Phun was had.

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