CVRC 84 2-14-20

Today’s weather: actually nice for a change. A little coolish, but comfy, minimal wind

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Dick Blackburn, Jim Bates, and oh yeah, Randall Hendrix, the 

“usual gang of …..” were not coming. other commitments.

Had to break down and do the first cut of the grass for the year. WHOOPEE

Dick arrives. He starts out with a 1970ish Free Flite glider that he

converted to electric RC. I kept looking at it and was impressed with the styling.

But it wasn’t till after 15 minutes of searching the ole memory banks and realized 

what it reminded me of. And that was the Star Trek Enterprise. From the side, the 

front portion of the fuselage was connected just below the wing by about a 4” drop

that is slanted and then connected to the rear portion of the fuselage. That’s what

gave the Enterprise look.

The fuselage was a 2”x2” square that originally was about 8” from the front edge of the 

wing to the motor mount. From the back of the wing edge, the square went to the 

tail assembly. the wings are transparent RED, with transparent YELLOW wing tips.

Elevator was the same RED, and rudder was 50/50 of RED and YELLOW.

The original 8” nose has been added to by about 8” twice. To add to the color

scheme, the fuselage is mahogany colored stain. Sounds weird, but Dick pulled

it off.

By now, Jim Bates has arrived and so has Randall Hendrix. 

Dick takes the glider to the runway, gives it a toss into the wind. Plane goes 

about 20’ and nose dives to the ground. SILENCE.

We all pick up the pieces, 2, wing and fuselage. Jim asked if Dick had made sure

that the elevator was up/down on the stick. Dick said that he had checked it at home 

the day before.

Once the post mortem was performed, turns out Jim was right. Up was down and down

was up. Dick checked the transmitter. The Futaba was set on the wrong plane. For some

reason, a Futaba will still operate the motor, even if on the wrong plane.

Learnt something today.

Jim takes out his 3D Wargo, and as usual puts it thru its paces. Beauty in motion when in 

the hands of someone who knows how to fly.

I finally bring out my Flitetest Cruiser for a re-re-re-maiden. Once in the air, it’s a 

bucking bronco. Sounds familiar. I ask Jim to take over and he “wrestles” it to the ground.

All in once piece, yeah.

Back to the drawing board. 

By now the winds were picking up. The boys were discussing “world events”. I had enough

“phun” for the day. 

Head to the house, leaving the boys to solve the worlds problems.


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