CVRC 86 2-28-20

Today’s weather: Loverly

Today’s pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Al Roberts, Dick Blackburn, Steve Tisi, Jim Bates, Billy West, newest guy Richard Thomas, and bringing up his rear Randall Hendrix (cudos for get fuel for the tractors)
Despite the Corvid 19, we had a decent turnout. Amazingly, everyone kept their distances from each other. CONGRATS TO ALL.

I  started out, before anyone could see, with the Slime Green Flitetest (cardboard) Cruiser. Yesterday I had made a few more “tweaks” and the thing flew decent. Up twice, down twice, all in one piece. That’s except for almost hitting Don Jerch, but that don’t count. Oopsy on the landing. Took it home, added a tail wheel (major improvement on the runway), and balanced from wing to wing. So, this time, scale ish take off. Decent in the air flying, a little aileron twitch, but  manageable. On the left to right landing, thing went vertical, then spiraled right into the  ground nose first. Scratch that one for the day.

Next was the foam Dancing Poke. (kind of a Lazy Bee). Once again, nice scale take off, did a few laps, brought it home. While no one was still there, (the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of these events). I took up my Eflite Commander. Nice flying plane. Nuff said. By now the fun was got spoiled when Lonnie showed up. Starts out with his Multiplex 

Park Pro 3D plane. This thing flies itself, and looks super in the air. And YES, Lonnie is ball cap  videoing everything.

Al Roberts starts out with a Twisted Hobby 3D plane that he wrings the living snot out of.

Dick Blackburn has arrived, let the bells ring and the bands play. Out of the corner of my 

eye I see he’s unloading a largish balsa plane with this “lump” hanging from the underside

of the nose. A NITRO MOTOR. What is this club coming to?

Dick proceeds to get the plane ready, takes it over to a plane stand. He goes back to the truck, and stops dead in his tracks. Arms to his hips, shake of the head in disgust. For some reason, this thing don’t fly well without it’s wings. So, with a lot of prodding from the peanut gallery, Dick goes home to get the wings. And, we were all glad he did. See Lonnie’s video. Can’t beat a nitro in the air for looks.

Steve Tisi (remember him) starts out with his Valiant. Of course, it’s the only plane he  with him. Now, according to Steve, he’s a little “rusty” in the flying department. Between other “commitments” and his new job at Hobby Town, Mooresville, his flying time has suffered. As for the “rusty” bit, he’s full of s…….  Plane goes around the field like no bodies business. 

Jim Bates has started with his Voltigeur. Another superior 3D rig, and as usual, Jim puts it  thru its paces.

Al Roberts tries his hand with his Tundra, and as with his 3D plane, shows off his flying  skills. 

As I’m sitting there, having my 4th cup of coffee, a “new to me” vehicle pulls in. A guy walks around the corner with the “deer in the headlights” look on his face. It’s Robert Thomas, our newest member. Not wanting to say anything bad about the guy, BUT, he starts out the  conversation about flying years ago, just got back into the hobby with a foamy. He found out about us from a “Wanted Poster” in the Post Office.  As for the “rusty” flying party, he  is full of it.

He flies better than me.

I made all the introductions, and a test will be given to him to remember all our names next  time. Thankfully, everyone made him welcome, despite the “distance, no hand shaking  thing”.

Who’s next, oh yeah, him. Billy West. Billy will be holding classes on safe battery charging  next  week. Sign up soon.

First up for Billy is his Flite Test “olive green” WW2 themed Cub. It’s the scouting plane used back then. Of course, Billy has little trouble making it look better than what it originally was designed for, “until” the landing. It “did” “passed tense” have landing gear.

His WW2 Japanese themed Rocket Glider from that time frame. Scalish takeoff, 100mph on take off is “scale”. From that point on, blink, and you’ve lost sight of it. A dazzling array of piloting skills, UNTIL, the hatch comes off, the battery falls out.

Now it’s a Kamikaze plane that does a perfect 90 degree nose dive into the field in  front of the runway. It now has a “detached” wing and what used to be about a plane that is  20” long is now 16” long. Can you say, CA?

Lonnie has “graduated” to one of his “fleet” of Performance Aerobatic, Balsa planes.

These things are too pretty to fly, but, Lonnie does and an excellent job of it.

Dick has now gotten the Nitro plane in the air, dead silence from all the spectators, as  we just watch and enjoy. Check out Lonnie’s videos.

I bring out the “go to plane” the Parkzone T-28. Thing flies itself. I hate tricycle landing  gear. So, feeling guilty, I bring out the “original” go to plane. The Multiplex Fun Cub (Goofy). As per usual, it does everything you want it to.  I barely notice it, but Billy tossed one of his “wing” planes into the air for a brilliant show of aerobatics. I hear the Zing of the motor screaming, goes about 20’ and nose dives into the grass. Billy, you’re my hero.

Don’t know what happened, but second toss, it did the usual screaming around  the field. By now, it’s getting WARM, Steve Tisi has left because he forgot to wear shorts, and Lonnie  packed it in, I’m heading for the house also. Billy is two steps ahead of me,  seems he’s run out of batteries. He lost a “few” in his house fire.

Al Roberts follows me out the laneway. The rest of the boys were left to their own devices. 

Basically, ya’ll missed a good day at the field. For the next “while”, we all need to be careful of our surroundings. 

Be safe, follow directions. See you soon.


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