CVRC 87 4-4-20


Weather: darn right nice

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Johnny Walker, Steve Tisi  (yeah, remember him)

Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Randall Hendrix, Alan Roberts

As usual, I showed up early, just to fly without being filmed. Sorry Lonnie, I’m shy. Brought out the “slime green” Flitetest Cruiser, for the 6th “maiden” flight. Spent a coupleof days “massaging” it back to some semblance of condition. Everything straight, lined up, balanced, CG ed.

Scale takeoff lasted for about 20 seconds. With a lot of “English”, the thing still went vertical, wafting left and right, then curl left over and down. Funeral services will be  later. If there wasn’t a burn ban, it would be a  “funeral pyre”.

Johnny Walker calmly brings out his MX3 “slime green” Rock Hobby 3D plane. Scale  takeoff, multiple aerobatic maneuvers, perfect landing. 

Lonnie Hagadorn has arrived to do the “video” thing. He starts out with a Twisted

Hobbies 3D plane. It is  Q U I E T!!!!!, then the swoopy stuff, back and forth, many  maneuvers, and superb landing.

Steve Tisi, is gracing us with his presence. He meticulously put together a FliteTest Cub. Drab green, with WW2 striping. First flight was a little “iffy” that’s a technical term. A couple of adjustments, and Steve’s a happy camper.

Bates is now with us, and brings out his 3D RC Groups themed plane. Never saw  him fly it. But, he did fly his Avios Grand Tundra. Once again, he makes it look like an effortless flight. 

Dick Blackburn is now with us. He brought out a “relic”. A 30 year old Goldberg Cub with  a Saito 60. 

Once again, like last weekend, his plane had this “lump” sticking out the nose of the plane.  But this one was a little different. Instead a flat head on it, it has these two “lumps” on the  top of the motor. Hmmm, must be something new and improved. As per usual, Dick brings out the fuselage and puts it on the plane stand, goes back to the truck to get the wings, then back to get all the “fixins” to make it go. Hmmm, now he’s got  that “look” as he heads back to his truck. After a 5 minute search, he hollars out to see if anyone has an “ignitor”. It’s not nice that we all “chuckled”. Then you could see the look on his face, “light bulb”. He goes to the back seat of the truck, out comes this little gray box, and shazam, and ignitor.

Once all is set, the music of the four stroke fills the air. Silence by everyone else. We are all in awe. Scale take off, then puts the Cub thru it’s paces. Nice landing until it noses over just enough to stop the motor. WALK OF SHAME.

Don’t worry Dick, we’re all “jealous”.

In frustration, I drug out the Parkzone T-28, and as per usual, this thing flies itself. After that, I bring out Goofy, and have “phun”.  I get home and get a text from Billy West, he didn’t show today because he couldn’t find his charger for his transmitter. Now if I’ve heard that excuse once, I’ve heard it a thousand  times. now, everyone is “tailgating” and curing the world’s problems.

Too much phun for me, so I head to the house for the “second” shift.


If I’ve forgotten anyone or anything, too bad.

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