CVRC 91 5-3-20

Went to the field this a.m.

One, my wife was up till 2a.m. for a work release, and two, I needed to test more of the “fleet”. Specifically, the Corsair. 

With no one else around, no witnesses!!!, I tip toed over the runway. Taxied the thing from right to left. Alllllll the way down to the far end of the runway, spun  it around. Obligatory control surfaces, take a humongous deep breath.

Gingerly (tech term), throttle up, gain some speed, straight down the runway, slowly starts to climb, a little right rudder and some right aileron, more speed, (more powerrrrr Scotty, but Capt. that’s all she’s got) (corny, I know).

Next thing I know, it’s climbing straight and true. Make a bunch of laps around  the field, minimal trim, I’m amazed. Now the landing. YUCH.

From left to right, descending on a gentle glide, slowing down, touch down on  the runway (lightning is going to strike, I know it). Slows down, but screws to  the left, ends up on the grass, noses over. 


Because no one was there, I did a little JIG. Take the Corsair back to the hangar.  I don’t want to JINX the moment. So, out comes the PT-17.  As I get to the runway, do my checks, catch a glimpse of a car coming in.

Hmm, someone else looking for some Sunday fun.  Alan Moe.

Once the PT-17 has done the best it can with me at the controls, I head back  to the hangar. 

Al is once again, doing the “GNAT” thing. Said it before, and gonna say it again, it’s down right cute. And he flies it like being in a Barnum Bailey Three Ring Circus. Watching Al doing his finest, THREE, TWO, ONE,  a trio of vehicles are  coming down the lane. 

Is there a sign at the road that says “free coffee and donuts”?

Jim Bates, Lonnie Hagadorn, and Johnny Walker.

I’m totally shocked, amazed, and gladdened. On a Sunday, we have a turnout of fliers.

Johnny is using his RocHobby MX3. 

Lonnie is using his latest 3D foamie, matter of fact, at one point, they are  doing takeoffs in unison and flying in unison. MUST BE A FULL MOON!

Jim has returned with his T-28, PT-19, and Avios RC Groups Extra 330LX.

But, today, he’s remembered the correct transmitters to fly them all.

Much anticipated, he starts with his PT-19. We all stand at the ready to  observe. Controls checked, speed built up, and raises up. Then, for what ever  reason, it decides nose over to the right, and a not to gratious landing.

Minimal injuries except for Jim’s pride. Seems the CG didn’t want to play well.

While some of us retire to the “lawn chair” brigade, Al is firing up his 

HUMONGOUS copter. For the next 10 minutes, he puts on a quality air show.

Johnny, has once again, leaving for that work thing at home. 

Jim and I end up doing a duo T-28, follow the leader. Jim seems to not like my

round circles instead of square. Jim, I’m doing my best, Actually, it works out 

quite nicely. 

Lonnie is back in the air with his 3D, and offers it to Jim to fly. Seems Jim likes 

it and may want one also.

By now, I’ve taken off my long sleeve shirt and put on sunscreen, Lonnie has 

taken off his sweat shirt, Al is down to his T-shirt, Jim’s in his T-shirt and wide 

brimmed hat. IT’S WARMISH

Time to bail for me, work at home calls. Besides, wifey has finally gotten up.


no pics from me today, but Lonnie has as usual. 

he’ll post when he gets up from his nap

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