CVRC 83 2-29-20

Sung to Ricky Nelson’s “Fools Rush In”

That’s what today was. 

Kold with a capital “kay”

Windy with a capital “wobble you”

I was pulling into the field’s driveway and Lonnie’s calling. He wanted to know if I was going

to the field. Informed him I was there and it’s cold windy. Said he’d probably be there in 

an hour anyway. 

Getting to the hangar, texted a few guys to let them choose for themselves about coming because of the weather. 

Billy said “what the hey”, I’m loaded (SUV) and I’m coming.

I proceeded to do some hangar repair. Billy pulls in and sets up shop. Heater, transmitter, 

batteries, and planessssssssssssssss. Right after that, Lonnie pulls in.

First up is his Cessna with the “belly” speaker. Watch the vid. If there is no other visual 

reference, you’d swear it’s a real plane. Looks and sound.

A couple of months back, he purchased a 62” B-17 foamie. After some “maintenance”, he

finally is going to maiden it in this gale.

The B-17 looks really good, check out Lonnie’s pics. The sound of 4 motors is like candy to the 

ears. I guess that’s if you want candy in your ears.

Lonnie does the video thing and Billy does the flying. Plane looks really good in the air.

As good a pilot as Billy is, he had his hands full because of the winds. Now comes the

what goes up, must come down. In true Billy fashion, he settles it smoothly onto the 

runway and coasts to a stop. Grins all around.

Out comes his “gyrocopter”.  A little too daring, before it could clear the runway, wind 

smacked it down and broke the big prop. Next.

Just to fill in some blanks, after every flight, he’s back in front of his heater to get his hands

warm again.

Silly grin on his face, oh,oh. Out comes his Avios Albatross HU-16 Flying Boat. As usual,

Billy puts it thru its paces. 

And, by now, we’re all frozen, and Billy is ready to get his fleet “safely” home in one


Here’s hoping the weather makes a turn around soon. Course, I “is” February.


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