March 4 2020

Don Jerch and I flew this morning, under some really nice conditions. Cloudy, but in the mid-fifties with very low winds. Don brought his Valiant, along with a new Chinese “Prime” 3D model, successor to a model that he and Al both own. He flew it very well, but it got squirrely a few times and ended up with a broken prop. I had my PA Addiction V2 with me, plus a newly repaired Sukhoi that I have crashed and rebuilt about 3-1/2 times (so far). It’s a mixture of gen 1 (green) and gen 2 (Blue) parts, which I think is really ugly, but I love the shape of the Sukhois and hate to quit on this one. It flew well enough, but you really have to pay attention at all times! The Addiction on the other hand, nearly flies itself. Probably the best tuned plane I own.
Here are stills, video to follow:

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