CVRC 82 2-22-20

Weather: MAJOR FRESH, minimal winds, but picked up the closer to noon.

Pilots: Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, Billy West,

Alan Roberts, Johnny Walker

I got there “latish” for me, and SHAZAM, I was still the first one there. Policed

the area for “cow” reminders, stuff picks up a lot easier when it’s frozen.

By the time I was finished, Lonnie arrives. Oh, be still my beating heart.

I started out with an Eflite Bravo (crop duster). This has been a problem child since

I got it. Last week, Jim Bates was kind enough to “tweak” it. So, this morning, I was 

a little “tense” about taking it to the air. The bad luck instigator (Lonnie), made sure

I didn’t take off until he was ready to film the event. Luckily, got it in the air, made a 

few “strange” laps of the field. The rascal wanted to go left and down, major trimming

helped, but still took a lot of “English” to get it back to the ground. Made some “tweaks”

with the ailerons, and into the air again. Much better, but by the 3rd lap, it started to roll

left and down again. Babied it to the ground again. Once back to the hangar, turns out

the wings were separating from the fuselage. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like that’s good.

Lonnie starts out with a Mini Tundra. It’s “cayute”. With all the electronics available, 

Lonnie flies it quite nicely.

Next is his Multiplex Fun Racer. It looks like a “sleek” P-51, with a fluorescent orange

top and white bottom and goes like stink.

Multiple electronics to help the flying, Lonnie gives the control to Jim, who has graciously

agreed to re-maiden it. Billy West had maidened it last time. Even with Billy’s skill it was

a bit “skittish”. Jim did quite well, going thru all the switch settings, and got it back to the


I brought out my Eflite Commander to stretch its legs. The wind had picked up a bit, 

but the Commander is a little heavier, so, the wind wasn’t a big concern. A couple of batteries 

of fuel, and it’s back on the ground.

Dick Blackburn starts out with his “freshly built” wing. It’s so fresh, the paint is still

not dry. Jim throws it into the air and Dick zooms it around the field. Dick seems to like

the delta wings.

Billy West has shown up, woo hoo. He drags out his green/white Avios Grand Tundra.

It hasn’t seen the field in over 6 weeks. Last outing, Jim and Dick told Billy that it had too

big a prop for the ESC to handle. Typical Billy, he shrugged his shoulders and continued to

over do it. Five, four, three, two, one, poof. He smoked the ESC. Jim and Dick just grinned.

Turns out he had smoked the ESC and the motor. It has taken him all this time to find 

a replacement motor.  He ends up finding a “suitable” motor, and 100A ESC.

After much “prodding”, Billy agrees to take an AMP check. At WOT,  it drew 80A.

Billy was happy. For the next 20 odd or even minutes, he’s flying the Tundra. As usual,

he’s putting it thru its paces. After his flight, he heads to the hangar where Jim had

put his heater. Billy warmed  up his hands and then announced he was going to get a

“toboggan” to protect his ears 

Jim Bates has brought out his 3D Wargo. It does amazing things as a 3D with Jim at the controls. 

On his second outing, the landing didn’t go as  planned. At a height of 3’, the 

Wargo, made the ground, and broke into two pieces. Not happy.

Billy has now brought out his FMS A-10. His first A-10 didn’t have a happy ending.

After a long flight, it literally “smoked” itself to death, crashed, and the cremation was

held at the field. A couple of weeks later, my wife Darlene and I were at Anderson

Hobby and hanging from the ceiling was another A-10. I gave Billy a call, and he said

buy it. Today, he finally took it to the air. Everyone was amazed about how well

it flew, even more, Billy was impressed. His comment was that this “new” one flew a

lot  better than the “original” one.

Jim has brought out his Convergance. It’s a delta wing with harrier capabilities.

Take off is vertical, then the  motors turn 90 degrees down and fly like a plane.

At one point, it was flying in a flat circle. Looked cool.

Johnny Walker was “showing off” with his FMS Rochobby MXS. It’s in 

very noticeable, slime green. Sorry Johnny!

Once again, it’s nearing noon, the winds are up, some of us are getting

“spent”. I bail first, Jim and Dick a close second, Lonnie bring up the  rear.


fun was had by all


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