CVRC 38 Tue 16,2019

Today’s pilots: Lonnie Hagadorn, Alan Moe, Al Bleyenberg, Jim Bates, Don Jerch, Wayne Windsor, Dick Blackburn

For the first time in a long time, the accue weather people were right. Coolish at 9:30 when I got there. Lonnie and Alan were already flying for a couple hours.

Lonnie had migrated to his new Twisted Hobbies 3D plane. Surprisingly, he did quite well at it. Go Lonnie.

Alan was doing the eggbeater thing. Didn’t know heli’s were supposed to fly like that.

Upside down would not be comfortable in a real one.

As I unloaded, Jim Bates, arrived. Jim brought out his Voltigeur 3D plane and flew the 

begeebees out of it. 

I asked Jim to give me a hand with my dinner table built Hummer 3D plane. Last time, we

burnt up the motor for whatever reason. This time, bigger motor, but same prop. As Jim

got it into the air, the plane was a handful. Major “trim” on Jim’s part. Glad he 

knows what he’s doing. I had made some “builder” errors adjustments. My bad.

Back in the air, and it was decent. He brought it in and we changed the prop to a larger 

diameter and 1 more up on pitch. Whole new plane. Even though Jim wasn’t happy with

the slowness of the servo throws, it was a ton better. By now the wind started picking 

up and “me” doing a flopper would have been funny and dangerous.

Next, I drug out “Frankie”. This is the first and second plane I ever owned all rolled 

up into one plane. As I’m attempting to “fly”, I realized it was beyond my control. Jim stepped

in and took control. He made another circuit and was bringing it in for some adjusting.

Lined up perfectly with the runway, came down on a perfect descent, missed the runway by 

4” which put the landing gear right into the edge of the fabric. Now it’s a belly lander. The gear

was about a foot before the edge of the runway. I’d have done the same thing.

Don had shown up and brought out his Variant. Very well put together plane and looks great

in the air. Plus, Don can fly it extremely well.

Another vehicle arrives, oh boy, be still my beating heart, it’s Wayne “Moses” Windsor.

Cybil is riding shotgun. Within minutes David Putnam arrives. A jet appears on the ground 

behind Wayne’s truck. I don’t know who it belonged to, but Wayne took it out to the 

runway and did a superb job of flying it. And here I thought Wayne was a “prop only” 


Don’s turn to fly his newer sailplane. I’m not a sailplane guy, but can appreciate the talent it 

takes to make it look easy. Biggest problem is trying to find it in the sky. They go HIGH.

Lonnie makes his exit. Company coming.

Wayne is now assembling one of his “old” biplanes. This thing is so old, he has a hand

crank start. Still sounds wonderful when it’s running. Someday, when I grow up, I want to be 

just like Wayne.

So here we are, Wayne, Jim, Don, and me. So, what else do you do as the morning has 

turned into afternoon, but shoot the breeze. Once again, I can’t figure out who’s the biggest

storyteller. Doesn’t really matter, it’s all interesting to hear of past exploits.

After about half and hour, Wayne looks at his watch, lunch time for me, or is it “nap time”.

Jim packs it in, home duties. 

Don does one more flight and heads to the house to meet an insurance adjuster.

Last night’s storm put a tree into his roof and he’s needing it repaired.

So once again, there I am, outstanding in a certain field, all by myself.

FINE!, I can take a hint.


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