CVRC 37 Wed 10,2019

Todays player: Billy West, Al Bleyenberg, Lonnie Hagadorn, Jim 

Bates, Dick Blackburn, Alan Moe, Wayne Windsor, Don Jerch, Steve Tisi

ACCUE WEATHER was half right. Temps were super. The 5mph winds were at least double and triple at times. Grass was a little “longish”, gonna cut Friday after lunch, helpers welcome. Dick, Jim, and I, are going to Dos Amigos on Hwy 70 for 12 for lunch. All welcome.

Flying started out with Billy and his “new” hatchlings. First was Flite Test LongEZ Electric Airplane Kit (483mm). It’s a canard style. Same idea as the plane in the Clint Eastwood movie “Firefox” only a little slower, but not by much. Big boy needs big motor, pilot that is. This thing just screamed.

Billy did a hard left and vertical and it corkscrewed out of sight. Best description is WOW.

Lonnie was trying to film it, but he’s too slow on the uptake for that.

Then was the fluorescent orange “bug” looking thing. Not as dramatic. Still KUTE.

Now comes the “NEW” big gun. Now, gotta admit, it’s beuuuuutiful.


Yellow, gray, white, twin engine. This is a water boat. Which means no landing gear, so what

does Billy do, takes it off on the grass. No harm no foul. Excellent flying rig. Lonnie will have 

video. And of course, lands it back on the grass almost hitting Jim Bates.

Jim has his H-King Voltigeur MkII 3D EPO Aerobatic Plane 1220mm (48″)  with JM Inc, landing gear. A one-off setup, only available in Morganton.

See Jim for pricing and availability. After that, he flew his older than me 3D plane that he wrangled out of Wayne Huffman.

Not to be outdone, don’t take much, I flew “Frankenstein”, to Jim’s amazement did not too

shabby, till the last flight. Oopsied (technical term) landed in the tall grass to the left.

Landing gear 5’ from plane. C/A to the rescue. Then to the rescue was “Goofy” go to plane. Nuff said. 

Dick goes thru his routine, padded lawn chair, check, plane and transmitter, check, sit down, check, toss plane, check, fly, check.

Wayne (Moses,Noah,Methusala) and his lovely bride Cybil show up. Wayne draaaaggsss out one of his “yawn” big gas planes. Completely puts it together for flight, except missing a screw. Couldn’t hear if it was the plane or Wayne. Fuels up, spins prop, fires up fast. Perfect takeoff, does a couple of laps, and then must be trouble, smoke just billowing out of the plane for the rest of the flight. Looked way kool. Does some of that Top Gun “pilot sh…”

Lands it with no problem. 

By this time Alan Moe has joined the group. No plane, no helicopter, just smiling personality. As Alan and Dick are in conversation, Wayne mosies 

over and it’s a three way tie as too who has the tallest tale.

While all this is going on Steve brings out his new Mini Convergence VTOL BNF Basic, 410mm.

It’s like a bumble bee floating around.

Don Jerch brings up the rear. He’s flying his new Phoenix glider sailplane.

Now is my turn to bail first. Say my farewells, no one cares.

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