CVRC 39 Sun 28,2019


Today’s players: Alan Roberts, Alan Moe, John Walker, Al Bleyenberg, and a late arrival by

no one else than Wayne Huffman (go figure)

after being in Atlanta for a week’s holiday, had the urge to fly. As a spur of the moment thing, 

got up at 5am (couldn’t sleep)(not excited, just still wound up from driving), headed to the field. Got there around 9, no one there except me, the mild wind, just enough clouds to make it comfortable, and the buzzards. I think they were “trolling”.

Today is a test and tune for me. Tried using a prop saver on the Dinner Table built Hummer.

Ran into a hassle trying to fit the prop to the prop saver. The adaptors didn’t want to play well. While messing around with that for way too long, the wind started picking up.

Time to bring out a heavier plane.

Brought out the Skylark. A 3d ish plane with a little more weight to it. Spent a bunce of time trimming. Flew light a drunk crow. Major trimming and made it tolerable. 

Car pulls up, Alan Moe, big grin on his face as usual. Unloads his helicopter. If you haven’t seen this thing, it’s amazing. Looks great, flies even better, and Alan knows what he’s doing.

Sorry Alan, no pics of heli.

That one out of two at the field.

Half hour goes by and Alan Roberts shows up. Alan and Alan have known each other for years, but due to “life”, hadn’t seen each other in a long while. They drifted off into reminiscing mode. 

I kept on “testing”. By now it’s the Dynam T-28, flies not to bad after hitting a tree the last time I had it out. 2nd landing broke the front gear, again. Tried to fix it on the spot. Ain’t happening. Back to the hangar. 

By now, the wind is up and down and above my abilities. 

Didn’t stop Alan and Alan from flying. 

Next to arrive was Wayne Huffman, and guess what, no plane with him. Didn’t stop him from staying for an hour and a half, bench flying. 

Next, John Walker shows up. Now it’s picnic table round table, b.s. session.

I’m standing there just lapping it up. I KNOW these guys wouldn’t lie. 

I brought out the folder I made with the old pictures from the club members from the late 1990’s. They helped put names to the faces. Of course, none of the people in the pictures have changed in appearance.

John, takes out his 3d plane, and even with the big winds, flies like nobodies business. 

Right now, my right leg (hip replacement) is screaming at me. Time to go home. 

Left the boys to tell tales.

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