Billy West Build Update

Well I have cleaned off my temporary work bench ( my wife’s table) and since it worked so well on he last project she has allowed me to start another. 
So I believe in one email AL mentioned I may need to add water and make my project plane grow, I figured I would go ahead and start a bigger project, hopefully I am just talking about size here and not work. 
I was told this is a CHAMP, so if it is please chime in and let me know. And if it is not also please let me know. I am not sure if it is. Kit built or scratch built. It seems very solid and the covering is good enough to use so I am hoping for a reasonably easy build here. 
I do plan to use the current engine ( I know that is odd for me all I fly is electric) but before I spend the high dollars to make it electric I figured I should see it this baby will run and if it does what not fly it!
Wingspan is 13’ 2”
Unfortunately whoever built this thing make the wing spars onto the center of the wing and also made the center of the wing non-removable. So most likely I will need a trailer to get this to the field, I did fit it in the suburban but it was not fun or pretty. 

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