February 21 209

Not a lot to report other than perfect weather after about 1:30PM. Shirtsleeve temps with wind at or below 2-3MPH. Yeah Al, it was a little muddy, but that beats cold and windy!

Jim Bates showed up with a heavily repaired F-16 ducted fan jet, but due to (likely) ESC problems that caused radically “pulsing” power levels, he only flew a half-circle before landing for a look-see. We checked the battery (OK) and substituted another fresh one, but the same problem persisted. Jim only brought that one plane, so he was done for the day.

Dick Blackburn stopped by to watch but didn’t fly.

I got in four flights each with the Timber-X and ParkMaster. My typical back-and-forth oval routine is pretty dull stuff for spectators, but every bit of stick time I get helps me. I spent a lot of time trimming the X for 3000mA 3s and then 2200mA 4s batteries, most of it in “manual” mode due to several disturbing burps in SAFE. After thinking about it, I reckon the SAFE problems were due to my inputting too many repeated trim adjustments without letting the SAFE system catch up with what I was trying to tell it to do. Anyway I feel I’m at a point now where I can manually adjust the control linkage on the Timber-X to lock things in and then reset the trims to zero.

None of the video I shot was all that interesting except as a diary for me, so I won’t post anything.

My plan is to show up next Monday to watch (and record) Billy’s rebuilt Cub’s maiden flights. Really looking forward to that. Anything in between now and then will be on short notice if the weather moderates from predictions.


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