Monday Feb 25, 2019

CVRC 24 Mon. Feb 25, 2019

After a month of being cooped up in the house because of my hip recovery, Dick  was kind enough to pick me up to go to the field.

At 10:15 the “accu” weather forecast was warm and mild winds. THEY LIED.

It was cold until about noon, windsock was always at 90 degrees and changing directions.

Today is going to named ‘the Billy Wild West Show”. He started out with a couple of zoomers, blink and  you miss them. Course they didn’t have tail sections on them. “someone will have  to explain that one to me”.

After his 3 million mile an  hour forays, he switched over to something a little more “docile”. He brought out his “PinkLady” J3. Now this thing has a 12’ wingspan. HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Everyone pitched in getting  it ready for flight. Controls checked, wind, ha!ha!.

Motor runs up good (electric). All set, slow take off, but at about 15”, slow steady climb. He went thru the usual maneuvers and it looked impressive. Turning into the wind, just put the brakes on any forward movement. So a little more throttle and the Lady was creeping forward again. Did that for about 10 minutes, did a bucket load (technical term) of trims and all was done.

Brought it in for a picture perfect, on the runway, landing, and then….. (someone, won’t mention any names) seems to have forgotten to tighten  the collar screw on one of the wheels. Once free from its bond, the wheel just roller happily off into the distance. In the meantime, the Lady, came to a right hand pivot turn STOP.

Good news, no damage. Go Billy.

Next up to bat was his twin engine brand new Mule. All controls checked, engines revved up, and away we go. Down the runway, clears the runway, makes a hard up, nose to the left and kersplat.

Bringing back the carcass, the boys were diagnosing “what went wrong”. Too little battery, bad battery, props rotating wrong. Too much current draw. Now remember, this is brand spanking new. Obvious questions from the peanut gallery. Did you read the instructions, UM. Did you follow the instructions, UM. Seem to have a little pattern  here.

All the while Dick Blackburn is just looking and surmising (how’s that for more than a 4 syllable word).

Billy, did you check the aileron controls, UM. YEAH. Just for grins, let’s try it again. Now, to the best of my feeble knowledge, when you move the right stick to the right the right aileron should go up. DIDN’T.

Big sheepish grin on Billy’s face. BUT I CHECKED IT AT HOME!!! Due to the wing and nose damage, he had to blue tape everything back together,  he was itching to try it again.

Once “taped”, flight control check, motor check, MULE just sailed off the runway. Even with a twin engine setup, the into the wind flying was fun. It went backwards more that forwards. Some trim, more throttle, and another satisfied customer.

By now, I heard a noise, it was either Dick’s or my stomach growling. Lonnie had left about 10 minutes previous, Don, was right behind him. Too windy to fly for both of them, and Dick and I chose not to attempt fate.

Jim Bates brought out one of his 3D planes and did quite well in spite of the wind. A couple of attempts there and it was off to lunch.

Hope you enjoyed the “commentary”. Errors and omissions extra, tax on delivery, recappable tires.

Al “new guy Pres”

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