CVRC 39 Tues 9-24-19

Today’s pilots: Don Jerch, Al Bleyenberg

Due to the fact I have flown in a couple weeks, I’ve been going “bananas”.

I ventured to the field, and was “TOTALLY SHOCKED”.

A few weeks back, we had been invaded by a Russian MIG.

In retaliation, the USAF, sent in an F-16.

TODAY! We had been invaded once more. This time by the BLA.

The field and runway had been completed bombarded. It was like WW2 all over again.

Luckily, Don Jerch, was willing to help with the cleanup.

Oh, the BLA, is the Bovine Liberation Army, (cows).

Tim the farmer has some “teenage” cattle that either go under the electrified fence,

or just plain jump over the fence. The then wander around eating the sweeter grass, 

and “depositing” there thanks.

Don and I cleaned up as best as we could. Then spray painted around the “crater” holes.

So, be watchful of where you walk. 

Don put in some great flights with his Parkzone T-28 and a Flitetest Cub.

I relegated myself to my Parkzone T-28.

By 11, the wind had picked up, Don had to go to the dentist, and I had to go home to 

pick up my “honey dew” list.


P.S. as I was leaving,  a new to me pickup pulled in.

The guys name is Tom Moore from Catawba. He was checking out the field.

I gave him the usual intro and info.

Hope he’ll show up on Sat.

Please make him welcome.

Oh a warning, he flies electric and that ole timey NITRO thing.

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