Tues. Dec 26, 2018

CVRC 14 Tues. Dec 26, 2018

WELL, you know those days when you get up with a plan, then, everything does a 180. Today was that way. I had found a couple of plane kits on craigslist. When I talked to the guy, he said he had about 100 planes and or kits. Now, in my mind, this is going to be an expensive trip. I contacted Dick and Jim, told them about the deal, asked if they wanted to come along. Big ole fersure.

Before that, Billy West, had sent out an email that he was going to the field for around 11. One thing led to another and Billy ended up going to the “plane sale”. The story about the planes was that the guy had taken in these planes and parts from a guy who owed him money. This guy is not into r/c planes.

Now, 10 years later, he decides to sell all the stuff. Good news, bad news. No real good news, bad news is that everything wasn’t stored very well. So, Father Time had taken its toll. We spent some time trying to find a “keeper”. I’m the worst for trying to salvage a “deal”. But even I couldn’t. Billy saw a couple that fit his price range and interest. They ended up in his suv.

Dick and Jim had other plans. So, Billy was still headed to the field. Here’s where my day changed. I had not planned on doing the field thing, but thought, what the heck, It’s nice out. The rest of the week is supposed to be “ungood” for flying. Went home, loaded up the portable hangar (trailer) and headed to the field.

I was expecting to see Billy out there for sure. Turning into the lane, I see 3 vehicles. Wow, life.

Billy was there, obviously, and the guy with him is Steve Tisi. I have not met Steve, but turns out, descent guy, and pilot.

Alan Roberts was there also. They all said that they enjoyed my “newsletters”, so they thought it’s a good time to re-introduce themselves to the field. HOT DOG.

Alan is flying his Radian sailplane, amazing to see it in the air.

Billy started out with an Eflite Mini Pulse. This thing takes a 3s battery. But, Billy had put in a 4s. This thing just blasted around the sky. And, Billy knew how to fly it. More than once, I thought he was going to rip the wings off it.

A white truck heads down the lane, pulls in behind the “hangar”. Mark McClellan. I introduce myself. Ask him who he is an proceeds to tell me that he’s the club Pres. OOOPS. Told Mark that the last time I had seen him was in Feb. So, my memory sorta faded on that one. He also said that he wanted to check out what’s happening at the field after getting all these “newsletters”. Great, they’re working.

Mark needs no introduction to anyone, except me, they all know each other.

Next on Billy’s agenda was a drone. Not too unusual except, he put on a mask. Wonder if he thinks he’s the Lone Ranger? Actually, it was one of the FPV goggles/mask, what ever it’s called. Now for me, it’s unusual to see a pilot, sitting in a lawn chair, looking thru these goggles and the drone is soaring thru the air. He’s looking down and the drone is all over the place.

I know the club started in the last century, but the field really showed it’s age. I heard this noise and looked in the sky and saw a teradactyl. That’s one of those dinosaur flying birds/buzzards. No, I haven’t been into the “sauce”. If you don’t believe me, check the attached pic.

Steve took his turn flying some of Billy’s planes, and then pulled out this 4 bladed, slime green “thing”. You could put this in a lunch box, that’s how small it was. Next thing I know, it’s in the air, video recording all of us standing there. Gotta love technology.

Not to be outdone, Alan brings out one of his drones. So not to be out done either, Billy pulls out one of his other drones. So, here you have the field with 3 drones in the air at the same time, buzzing back and forth, up and down, sideways, any ole ways.

In the corner of my vision is see something, it’s a hawk. Real live hawk checking out to see what’s for dinner. Luckily, he didn’t try to mess with the drones. 

For me, it was time to head home, had some honey dews to do before the end of the day.

I thanked the “boys” for showing up and make sure they came back out.

Al “newguy”


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