November 23 2018

CVRC Friday, November 23, 2018


Weather temp 39 degrees, winds from 5-15 mph, cloudy, damp.

This is the only time this week I can get out to fly. I invited a friend, Al Bolch, who I had met about 6 months ago. Great guy, who is just getting back into flying.

At the other field we flew at, his first attempt is a Sensei high wing. Pretty basic plane with the Autopilot stuff in it.

First flight, takeoff pretty good, then coming back towards the runway, sorta took an off flight plan veer behind him. Not too pretty, Al decides to hit the first tree he can come to. Luckily or not, it fell out of the tree and landed in the briar patch behind the tree.

Being the nice guy that I am (that’s total B.S.), I retrieved the plane for him. Not too  much damage, a little C/A and back in the air. Luckily, Jim Anderson (great pilot and teacher) was there to help Al with some pointers.

Spent the rest of the day, tweaking the transmitter adjustments, and slowly Al became more confident.

A few weeks go by and Al and I are the only two at the field. Al takes off and does some really nice circles, a few loops, and once again, takes a hard left into the tallest tree on the property.

The plane is now at least 60’ in the air.

I tell Al that I have a couple of options for him. Al put his trust in my judgement (fool).

I go down to the local fire department, if they can get a cat out of tree, they can get a plane out of a tree.

So, the “boys” show up with their pumper truck and try to “hose” it out of the tree. Exhausting all the water in the tank, they went to reload. Tried to talk them out of wasting time. But, they were facing a “challenge”.  20 minutes later, fresh load of water, same result, plane is stuck.

Boys wouldn’t take anything for their efforts. They were having fun.

SO! A couple of days go by before I can get a friend over with a bucket truck for his tree service. Bad news is that it poured rain for 2 days. The plane got major drenched. Good news, is that they got the plane out of the tree. Al was ecstatic. Bad news is that the rain messed up some of the electronics. And a little body damage.

Time marches on Al and I don’t connect for a while.

Tell him about CVRC. Amazed about the lack of trees, big field, great guys to talk to and learn from.

Getting back to today. I get Al out today. By this time his Sensei is history. His new “ride” is an Eflite Apprentice. This plane has the ASX setup in it, but he’s flying without it enabled.

Taking off in the wind and cold is a little shaky. Plane does some pitching and yawing, but it’s in the air. He makes a couple of circles with mixed results. Jim Bates, Dick Blackburn, and I, suggest that he bring it in so we help tweak the plane or transmitter.

Coming in from the left, all 4 of us are standing next to the flight line. Plane’s coming in fairly nice, a little pitchy. Then the Apprentice makes a bee line for all of us.  Now, Jim, Dick, and I bail, but Al stands there trying to get the plane in control. TOO LATE. Plane slams into Al about chest level.

Luckily Al was wearing a heavy coat, so no damage to him or the plane.

Jim and Dick decide it’s lunch time.

So, Al calls it a day.

My turn to “show off”. Ha!

Get the Fun Cub in the air and wind is making it do things I don’t want it to do. Make a couple of rounds, and time to come in.

By this time, it’s gotten colder, windier, cloudier.

Time to leave.


Al “new guy”

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