November 17, Fun

Sat. Nov. 17,2018

Showed up at the field around 9:30, unloaded the swarm, got a couple of flights on my, new to me, Parkzone Corsair.
Knock on wood, flew pretty decent.

A few minutes later, Dick Blackburn arrived. WE, hung the AMA rules poster up. Dick brought out his Pulse XT 25e ARF. Amazing flyer, of course, Dicks skills had nothing to do with it.

Dick’s next weapon of choice as a Sensei sail/soar plane. Didn’t know you could fly higher than you could see.

Next to arrive was Jim Bates. He unloaded his usual 3D stuff, and proceeded to show us what real flying is.

Next victim was Alan Roberts, he was great as moral support.

Don Jerch shows up with no planes what so ever. TSK!TSK!. Supposedly he has 2 on the go at home. YEAH SURE.

Lots of tutoring from Jim and Dick on how to fly. Don and I were amazed about little we knew. That’s not saying that Jim and Dick are no it alls…..

Lonnie Hagadorn comes with his new toy. An EFLITE Slow Poke. Cute as a button and flies super(the plane). Looks great in the air at any speed, and for once Lonnie could even fly it.

Bill Holder shows up with his Apprentice full size and proceeds to put me to shame on my flying abilities. Hate him.

Lunch time rolls around and Jim and Dick are off to Dos Amigos.

So that leaves the 3 of us to hold the fort. Then re-inforcements arrived.

JERREL BOLICK, we now call him ‘OLE ONE EYE’, just had cataract surgery. BUT, by his flying abilities today, you wouldn’t know it.

He actually set up a plane for Lonnie, Bill, and me.

I’d kiss him, but he’s not my type.

So, I got a couple of flights in my, new to me corsair. Pretty in the sky.

Brought out my, new to me, Eflite Commander, wow, flies great, better plane than I am a pilot. Floats in the air.

By that time, I was going from a 2 blade to 3 blade on the corsair.

Everyone had other places to be, so I tried the Corsair by myself. NOW, for what ever reason, I had to re-bind the receiver, AND, didn’t check the servos.

YUP, took off, got 30′ in the air and new something wasn’t right. UP WAS DOWN, LEFT WAS RIGHT.
Now try to get that on the ground in one piece. I DID.
No C/A today.

Called it a day.

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