March 17 2019

Todays players: Lonnie Hagadorn, Bill Holder, David Putnam, Alan Roberts, Wayne Windsor, Al Bleyenberg, and (are you sitting down) Randall Hendrick

My morning was eaten up with some Craigslist selling. Last minute, sorta, decided to go to the field. Lonnie and Bill were already there. They had been there since 10:30, and it’s 1 pm. Only plane in sight is Lonnie’s 3D foamie. Asked Bill about his plane. Look on his face said it all. A little too exuberant in landing broke the landing gear. Simple fix once he gets home. 

So, what else can he do, but, be Lonnie’s co-pilot. SOMEONE HAS TO DO THE DIRTY WORK. Go Bill.

Now Lonnie loves auto pilot boxes. He was making some changes to the “boxes”. Lonnie knows what he’s doing, He’s told me so many times.

Headed to my car to unload. Suddenly it’s too quiet outside the hangar. I peak around the corner and crickets. Aliens must have made a landing and took the boys. 

Not seeing anyone, I head to the down side of the field  Directly in front of the hangar. I get about halfway and see a couple of heads. They get closer and closer.

Bill is holding Lonnie’s plane. Doesn’t look like it’s in the shape it should be. Once close enough we can talk to talk, turns out the hinges that hold the left aileron had let go from the main wing. That could definitely be the culprit. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a pickup truck heading towards the hangar. Once it’s parked, the driver obviously gets out. 


It’s Randall Hendrick. We all look at each other in amazement.

The boys clean up and head to their houses. Not because of Randall, but they’ve been there a few hours and had run

out of planes.

I drag out my “dining room table built” Red Eagle Hummer. It’s a pseudo 3D foamie. It will fly like one, but not 

With me at the controls. Wind was everywhere from nothing to about 10 mph. A little challenging for flying  that light a foamie. Did some “fancy for me” trimming. 

Landed nicely. Some expo adjustments, and back into the air. Better, but the wind is too erratic for this light a plane.

Put it back in the car and drag out the “go to” plane for me. The Fun Cub”. Before I can get it into the air, another vehicle is coming down the lane. 

Randall and I are waiting  to see who it is before I take off.

I had to braek out the defibrillator. Wayne Windsor and David Putnam.

Be still my beating heart. CVRC “royalty” has graced us presence on this holiday, St.Paddies day.

Come to think of it, Wayne does have a strong resemblance to the Irish icon.

Once again, defib time, Wayne bring out a T-28 foamie. Now I thought this was sacrilege for  a man of Wayne’s

stature. To Wayne’s credit, he had an Ercoup in the back of the SUV.

 Wayne, your stature and my faith in you, is restored. Wayne and David (also with a T-28) shows us “younger” pilots

what flying is all about. Alan Roberts also shows us how to fly in the wind with his Timber.

Next on the agenda, Wayne brings out the Ercoup. This plane is gorgeous. It’s straight as an arrow, the monokote

Is layed down smooth, tight, and colors are amazing. Now this thing is 20 years old.

So all the guys crowd around Wayne to help him put it together. Next, they do the engine start procedure. Over and over and over and over. 

Everyone is verbally jabbing Wayne about it. Now Wayne, the sweet natured person that he is, basically tells each one who “jabs” him what to do. Very eloquently.

We are all, rolling in the grass laughing. Prop comes off, cowl comes off, a few tweaks and reverse the procedure. Second stab with the starter and she fires to life.

Randall does the co-pilot duties and takes it to the runway. Seeing Wayne control his plane into the air is amazing. A couple of circles around the field, and something goes wrong. 

The plane does flips, hammerheads rolls. I yell out to  Wayne if that’s what the plane is supposed to be doing. Ever get two lasers burn a hole in your eyes. I did.

Laughter from the peanut gallery.

I yell over to Wayne about knowing when the plane will run out of gas. When the engine quits, lasers again. Laughter. 

¾ ‘s of a lap later, and as he’s bringing it in for a landing, silence. Forward motion is now slooooowed down a lot. Wayne’s piloting skill was breath taking. It landed about 100’ from the runway.

I look over at Wayne, lasers.

By now, my hip replacement it talking to me. I pack up everything. Wayne’s back from getting his plane. Almost in unison, they all sit down on the field stands. 

It’s tall tales time. I “force” myself to listen for the next half hour. It was brutal. My sides were hurting from laughing. I couldn’t figure out who was the biggest bragger.

Said my good byes and headed home.

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