January 1 2019

CVRC 16 Sat. Jan 1, 2019


Jan 1

Congrats to the “Lone Ranger”

It was a perfect flying day with NO wind at all. Zero.

I was alone, so all the time I was there was spent flying. I flew both planes that I bought from Dick Blackburn a few weeks back. The A10 EDF flew perfectly, just like he said it would. I got 6 minutes on a 2200 mAh battery. It was powerful, surprisingly easy to control, and was steady even at low speeds.

The little Cox 300 Extra was more difficult given its light weight and big control surfaces, but I got in a lot of stick time without damage by using very low rates. Used up two batteries at 7 minutes each. 

The best investment however, was the time I spent with my little UMX J3 Cub. (It has AS3X, but no SAFE.) I had set up trial mixes on my transmitter with the objective of making flat turns using just the rudder control, by combining opposite ailerons with a little up elevator. (In other words, when you move the rudder right for a right turn, the ailerons move slightly for a left turn and the elevator pitches up slightly to maintain altitude.) It took 3 batteries to get the amount of movement just right, but the calm conditions allowed me to make repetitive small mix changes and actually see what affect they had on flight control. I got it right in the end and it was very satisfying. Also got in dozens of takeoffs and landings with the various planes, which is another thing I needed to practice.

Our (Bill and I) plan to be there tomorrow at around 1:30, weather dependent.


Thanks Lonnie for holding the fort. Some of us were re-couperating. Actually, I had to work on my truck.


Al “new guy”

From the Web Master – we all know that everything fly’s great when you are the only one at the field. – Just saying. Happy New Year

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