February 2 2019 (more yet)

CVRC 22 Feb 2, 2019

In the immortal words of one of North Carolina’s favorite son’s.


Jim Nabors if you haven’t guessed.

Lonnie, for a “fill in” (I HOPE) you did a great job. The fact that the Security Officer (sounds like soviet Russia), “ordered” you to fill in, is something that the club needs to address.

I am, TOTALLY FLABBERGASTED, that ya’ll can carry on with me being there.

Wished I could have been there. All goes well and the creek don’t rise, should be able to make it next weekend. 

May need some help in the flying dept, getting out of the ‘portable hangar” and near the field.

Very pleased to hear Wayne Windsor showed up. I had spoken  to him in the morning. He told me he was planning on going out, glad he did. Wished I could have seen his plane.

Next time Wayne. You do realize Jim Bates will have to “check your flying skills out” before he will “allow onto the runway.

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