Sun Dec 23, 2018

CVRC 12 Sun Dec 23, 2018

Went to the field today. Got there and I was in a crowd of one. No big deal, more room for me to crash, land awkwardly, or for once “do it right”.

Get my gear unloaded and Dick Blackburn shows up. He walks up to my trailer and asks what the “stuff” in the back was. Well, either a floor for the main car port, OR, we can use it as runway. 

Runway it is. 45 minutes later, we now have doubled the width of the runway. That’s the good news, the bad news is that it’s white. But, price was right. More solid than the black stuff, and it’s free.

So, once we’ve caught our breath, it’s time to fly. Dick pulls out one of his sailplanes. Gets in the air, and then it  flies like a drunken sailor. I almost think it was me flying. 

Due to Dick’s piloting skills, he brings it in sorta kinda unscathed.

That’s if you take in to account the motor is about 3” in front of the fuselage. Break out the C/A, glue, duct tape, chewing gum, whatever works.

So, while Dick is watching glue dry, I take up the recently oopsied Fun Cub. Now, before the oopsie, it flew very respectably “for my skills”. This time, it’s like Dicks sailplane, flew like a drunken sailor.

Biggest problem is that it wanted to face plant into the ground.Through sheer luck “not skill” it’s back on the ground. Make a few “major” adjustments and we’re ready for flight number 2. 

Dick’s turn. Sailplane gets up and flies like a dream. I’m watching the plane and lose sight of Dick.

Look to my left and he’s sitting in a lawn chair, flying his plane. Hmmmm, maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong.

Next Don Jerch shows up with his Parkzone T-28. And as usual, pulls off a couple of great flying exhibitions. Show off.

We all take a breather, deciding whether to keep flying of call it a day. Getting cooler, windier, cloudier.

SUV pulls up, this guy comes up and greets Dick like and old friend. He actually is. It’s Blake Hunicutt. He’s a “seasoned” new member. I guess I can call him that because he admits he hasn’t been out in a while. He’s been getting my “newsletters” and thought he check out the field for the first time again.

Blake and Dick reminisce about the “good ole days”. They are talking in code. Something about single channel and early multichannel such as reed systems. Press and hold the button gives right, press twice and hold gives left, press three times and hold gives “kick-up” elevator, and a very quick blip of the button changes the throttle setting.

I guess I’ll stick to the 2.4 stuff.

So, Lonnie Hagadorn and Bill Holder are talking about flying tomorrow. I’m going just to “bond”.  Actually, want to try to get the temperamental Corsair back right. I’m a gluten for punishment.


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